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Boat Boots Shoes

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New Sportive Deck Shoes

Lalizas expands its Deck Shoes range, by adding a new sportive deck shoe, which will serve your demanding boating and casual needs.

Was NZ$109.99
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New Sailing Sea Boots Long-Leg Tie-Top Sea Boots

Sailing Sea Boots Long-Leg Tie-Top Sea Boots - Available in navy blue with contrasting white trim.

Was NZ$100.00
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New Bekina Steplite®XCi Gumboots

High-Quality ORANGE  Bekina Steplite®XCi Gumboots - LIGHTWEIGHT AND COLD INSULATING, Extra Warm Feet! size 8Uk to 13UK

NZ$149.99 / pair(s)
Was NZ$159.99
You save NZ$10.00
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New Bekina Steplite®X (S4) Gumboots

High-Quality Bekina Steplite®X (S4) Gumboots - White with Blue Sole - resistant to oils, fats, blood, and chemical cleaning products

NZ$109.99 / pair(s)
Was NZ$120.00
You save NZ$10.01
In stock

A range of Marine Boating Sailing Diving Boots and Shoes For All conditions NZ wide and Pacific islands.


Southern Ocean


Lalizas  Deck Shoe range



Boat Boots Shoes