Synthetic PPE Manila Rope Coil

Synthetic PPE - Polypropylene - Manila Rope - Coils - 250m

Colour - DARK TAN


The polypropylene yarns used to make this rope are high-strength, high-quality, and highly flexible, allowing the finished rope to take and hold knots well, and release them just as easily. Suitable for any application you might select a manila rope for and many more nautical and marine use, around the ranch or farm, as a decorative embellishment, or in a game of tug-of-war.  You don't have to break the bank to get the look or the quality of a natural manila rope.

This Synthetic tan rope is not ordinary It is made from special polypropylene fibres that give it the look of a weathered natural Manila rope, but without some of the drawbacks of Manila rope.

Characteristics of Synthetic PPE Manila Rope

  • It won't rot,
  • It's ideal for wet environments Pro Manila rope will not shrink if it gets wet
  • The rope does not have the rough texture of Manila
  • There is no odour
  • The lifespan of Pro Manila is typically longer than Manila rope
  • Darker Tan than Pro Manila

It's perfect if you want a great rope to use outside on decks or in other landscape applications. While it's a popular choice for outside applications, it is perfectly acceptable to use indoor as well.

In fact, it's a great product for indoor use because the rope will not shed. Synthetic PPE rope is great for handrails and will look excellent with Manrope Knot tied on the ends.

Synthetic PPE Manila Rope Coil

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Synthetic PPE Manila Rope 32mm x 250m Coil

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