Cargo Management

Cargo Management

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Thule Backspace Lightweight Durable Cargo Box

Product no.: RVP501

Thule Backspace Lightweight Durable Cargo Box - Lightweight, durable cargo box that fits onto the rear of the car

Was NZ$1,322.54
You save NZ$120.19
In stock

Thule Go Box

Product no.: RVP935

Thule Go Box - Thule Go Box is the perfect cargo organiser for your RV, truck, boat, SUV, caravan, home, van, or car

Was NZ$148.12
You save NZ$13.47
In stock

Thule Touring Box 400L

Product no.: RVP503

Thule Touring Box 400L - Patented Fast Click quick-mount system with integrated torque indicator for simple, secure fixing

Was NZ$1,295.62
You save NZ$117.78
In stock

Thule Toiletry Kit

Product no.: RVP930

Thule Toiletry Kit - Perfect for Small Living Spaces, this is the Toiletry Kit the Entire Family Can Share

Was NZ$60.00
You save NZ$6.00
In stock can ship within 3-5 Business days

Cargo Management 

Get the best deals on wide range of our Thule cargo management appliances such as Thule backspace cargo, toiletry kit and wall organizers at unbeatable prices.

Cargo Management