Taurus Leather Products

Taurus Animal  Leather Collars

Taurus Animal Leather Collars

Animal Accessories - Taurus Leather Company offers a comprehensive range of animal accessories

Taurus Leather Working Belts

Taurus Leather Working Belts

Taurus Leather Belt - A leather belt with a stylish buckle really adds the finishing touch to your outfit

Taurus Leather Protective Wear

Taurus Leather Protective Wear

Taurus Leather Protective Wear - Wearing the right gear to protect one's self when working on the farm.

Tool Belts and Accessories

Tool Belts and Accessories

Tradesmen Taurus Tool Belts and Accessories - A range of products suited to use on the farm or as a builder

Taurus Leather Company

At Taurus Leather Company we seek to combine the age-old craftsmanship of the leather industry with the latest in computer assisted production and contemporary management techniques to produce the highest possible quality in goods and service to the customer.

We have a passionate team who work hard to ensure we produce the finest tool belts on the market. Although we don’t deal in one off “custom” tool belts, the designs for our tool belts have evolved from years of talking with New Zealand trades people and tweaking the designs to ensure you have the right functionality to make life on the job easier.

Taurus Leather products:

Leather products form an important component of your outdoor gear. The range and variety of equipment in this regard is comprehensive at Action outdoors.

We stock, Taurus branded leather equipment, which is a name to be reckoned with in this field. The Taurus branded products we stock in our range cover a diverse spectrum. Spectrum includes equipment for different kinds of outdoor adventures you may embark, accessories for your animals to help them standout, sleek design belts to rock your outfit etc.

Products range from; Animal Leather Collars to special Taurus working belts made up of pure leather. Protective wear and tradesman tools belts are other exceptional products in our range from the world renowned brand.

Action outdoors provides its customers with the best equipment. Taurus presents leather equipment, which are second to none. We stock their products as they share our values of not compromising on quality of products and serviceability. These are the two things we pride ourselves on.

Special thing about Taurus, which helps them stand-out from the rest is their ability to adjust with changing dynamics. They have successfully managed to form a great combination of 2 much revered arts namely; age-old craftsmanship or experience and computer assisted production techniques.

Designs, we offer in tool belts, from the brand, have resulted from feedback, pouring in from all over NZ. Taurus ensure that the designs are complacent with the user. Products make life easier for our customers at work.

We, offer a wide range and variety of equipment. This diverse spectrum of product-types, designs, sizes etc. ensure availability of your favorite item at our stores, in ideal size design or other specifications.

Taurus tool belts, we stock, are the finest in all of NZ. They don’t wear out with time, but, they improve as you use them. Molding leather, after repetitive use makes you feel lighter and fits well. Owing to these properties you can use our products for years and still love them.

We do not compromise on safety, which is why we lay emphasis on providing top-quality products. Taurus leather brand share this value with us, you can benefit from these amazing products by browsing through our web portal and placing order for desired products. We will ship your favorite products within three days.

Products we stock from Taurus Leather brand are enlisted in detail below.

  • Taurus Animal Leather Collars:

Leather Collars in our range are top-notch equipment of Taurus Animal Accessories. These are suited to all kinds of animals; be it show ground, farmyard or backyard pets.

Action outdoors stocks these accessories in different colors and materials for your animals, especially dogs. The materials range from Nylon Air AU padded collars for comforting your animals to leather leads with snap hooks.

Heavy duty special collar is available at Action outdoors in multiple sizes to perfectly match your requirements. Leather handle and chain leads are also available in custom sizes. Our Taurus branded range for animal accessories also includes hard wearing leather drover's collars particularly made for the working dog. It also offers nylon halters in various colors. These colorful products are ideal for calf say and help your animal stand out from the crowd.

  • Taurus Leather Working Belts:

Action outdoors provides you with Taurus branded belts. These are the best belts anywhere in the world. Our wide range includes to-notch belts with quality buckles and pure leather.

The belts we supply are super stylish and help you pass a style statement. You can stop worrying about their life. They offer multiple years of excellent service.

Exclusive variety of belts allow you to choose from dozens of accessories, your preference can be brown or black, full or half buckle, we have a product for all your requirements.

Belts we stock come with breath taking buckles which take the style statement to a whole new level. It complements all your outfits and adds to them, no matter what outfit you are rocking that day.

This great variety helps you choose the ideal and best suited belt for your use, without compromising on the quality of leather or buckle. We offer these belts in 30 -38mm sizes.

  • Taurus Leather Protective Wear:

Taurus protective gear is an important part of our Taurus products range. It helps you choose the best items to sport, while working outdoors. Protection is key priority, our protective gear ensures your safety.

Whatever outdoor adventure you plan to embark, leather protective gear is a must, to ensure you have a smooth, accident-free adventure.

Action outdoors provides you with the best gear to make it possible. Our range covering protective wear is extensive, it includes; beautifully designed canvas & suede accessories great for use in different work or adventure conditions. We also offer, canvas, leather, suede aprons; both full & half-length, canvas and oil skin leggings etc. Action outdoors provide you with these Taurus branded leather protective wear to keep you safe under all conditions.

  • Tradesman Tool Belts & Accessories:

Action outdoors provides you with tool belts and accessories in a comprehensive range, with which you can revamp your present tool belt or revamp a new tool belt for you.

Our range exclusively covers up accessories for different needs of yours including working at farms, outdoors or as builders. Our accessories are best suited for working on farms e.g. fencing and multi-use aprons, nail bags or phones, ammunition pouches etc. Taurus offers you accessories for all kinds of on-field activities regardless of your profession or working level.

Action outdoors, with these tool belt accessories, from Taurus looks to add functionality to your gear. Our equipment is made up of hard-wearing leather. Great material nature of our products gives them leverage over other competitors in the market.

Despite the amazing quality we maintain a very low price for all products to make sure everything is within your reach. Benefit from amazing deals on these products now, by browsing through our web portal, and placing order. We will ship your desired accessories to you within three days.


Taurus Leather Products