Taurus Animal Leather Collars

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Leather Handle 19mm and Chain Lead 3mm x 70cm

Product no.: FLS1930C

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In stock

Leather Handle 22mm and Chain Lead 4mm x 70cm

Product no.: FLS2230C

Was NZ$27.70
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In stock

Leather Heavy Duty Collar 25mm x 570mm

Product no.: HD25570

Was NZ$18.98
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Leather Heavy Duty Collar 30mm x 660mm

Product no.: HD30660

Was NZ$21.51
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Leather Lead with Snaphook - Black

Product no.: FL19105BK

Was NZ$20.11
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Leather Lead with Snaphook - Brown

Product no.: FL19105BR

Was NZ$20.11
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Reflectorised Nylon Dog Harness/Training Lead

Product no.: HARDJ

Was NZ$126.37
You save NZ$11.48
In stock

Animal Accessories 

Taurus Leather Company offers a comprehensive range of animal accessories suited to animals on the farmyard, the show grounds and the backyard. Our range of dog-specific collars, leads and chain are sold under the Dog Zone brand and includes hard-wearing leather drover's collars for the working dog as well as heavy-duty nylon collars, leads and tie-out chains. We also have nylon halters in a myriad of colours perfect for showing calves on calf day

Taurus Animal Leather Collars:

Taurus Company is known for supplying the best quality leather products anywhere in the world. Our Taurus Leather products range features a wide range and variety of items from the Taurus brand.

We stock these amazing leather collar for all kinds of animals and under all kinds of different applications. These items in our range are top quality Accessories. These are suited to all kinds of animals ranging from the showground to farmyard or even backyard pets.

Taurus brand also features the Dog Zone brand which offers dog-specific products including; leads and chains.

We provide great variety in different colours and materials of these accessories, which enables you to choose the best-suited products for your dogs in particular and animals generally. We also offer Nylon Air AU padded collars which are great to comfort the dog. Our stocks include leads along with snap hooks.

Our goods help your animal look different from all others competing. In this range, we also feature heavy-duty special collars in multiple sizing and colouring to offer you the widest variety. Taurus range of ours is diverse and features an item for every requirement of yours we also offer a special product for the working dogs in the form of hard-wearing drover’s collar.

You can benefit from our amazing deals by placing your orders now.

Taurus Animal  Leather Collars