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Wading  Boots best Deals

Wading Boots best Deals

Get the best deals on our wading Fishing boots lineup with features to match any situation and which includes a wide range of boots.

Waders Mens & Women

Waders Mens & Women

CD, Orvis and Kilwell Waders When you’re searching for durable, comfortable fly-fishing waders that still deliver impressive performance,

Orvis Jackets | Best deals

Orvis Jackets | Best deals

Waterproof Apparel, Merchandise Jackets and Vests for Hunting, Fishing and Tramping NZ Wide.

Our range of fresh water fishing gear just got better with the release of the ever so popular Orvis brand. 

Orvis is a World renowned brand for the adventures and discoveries they do all over the natural world.

There ongoing initiatives include American Bison, Chesapeake Bay, Dog Rescue and 100 miles campaign. Orvis is widely regarded as the lovers, explorers and protectors of the wild.
They have been doing the aforementioned deeds for over a century and a half now.
The wide acclamation of Orvis for protection of exploration of the nature make them a force to be reckon with in the field of manufacturing Waders, Fishing Jackets, Wading Jackets, Wading Boots and other such items.

The following items from Orvis are now a part of our range of fresh water fishing gear.

  • Wading Boots
  • Wading Jackets
  • Chest Waders
  • Vests 
  • Socks
Wading Boots
Our wading boots lineup includes a wide range of boots designed for anglers of all abilities and it possesses all the feature required to negotiate any situation you encounter.
We offer a wide variety of wading boots to make sure your requirements are fulfilled in all conditions.

Following are the various type of wading boots we have to offer.

  • Orvis Wading Boots
  • Orvis Wading Boot Ultralight
  • Orvis Wading Boot Encounter
  • Orvis Wading Boot Access
  • Orvis Wet Wading Neoprene Guard Sock
  • Orvis Wading Boot Clearwater
  • Orvis Wading Boot Boa Pivot

Fishing Waders
With the addition of Orvis waders we no offer the highest quality waders in the whole of the fishing industry. Our waders make sure you stay dry and comfortable while fishing. A mix of most durable material and the cutting edge technology helps us manufacture waders better than the rest in the market. 
In addition to the durability and quality our waders are full of innovation with innovative suspension straps and waterproof pockets with touch screen capabilities to help you keep your belongings safe and dry while fishing. 
Not only these, our technologically advanced waders equipped with the integrated antimicrobial hygiene function, which protects them from smelling bad and mildew to ensure optimal wearing comfort. 
Further innovations and benefits are illustrated in the separate webpage on you service dedicated to the finest waders anywhere in the world. Following world renowned brands are part of our waders line.
CD Orvis Kilwell

Orvis Fishing Jackets and Vests
Our Jackets and Vest from brands such as Kilwell NZ and Orvis USA are multipurpose to notch products suitable for:-

  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Tramping

The high quality Jackets and vests will make sure you have a great leisure time at fishing, hunting and tramping by keeping you dry and comfortable with their waterproof layers. The water proof apparels have a number of other attributes discussed in the separate sub heading of this blog, pertaining to Orvis Fishing Jackets and Vests.

Boots Jackets Waders