Height Safety Roofing Equipment

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NZ Spanset Roofers Kit

Product no.: 6001NZSpan

 Roofer Kit - Complete harness kit suitable for use when working on the roof, meets NZ safety standards 

NZ$649.99 / unit(s)
Was NZ$750.00
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QSI Synthetic Rope Grab 11 to 16mm

Product no.: QSI-Syn-Rope-Grab

QSI Alloy Synthetic Rope Grab.  Fits Kermantle Ropes 11mm-16mm and is used as a mobile anchorage point.

NZ$144.99 / unit(s)
Was NZ$169.00
You save NZ$24.01
In stock can ship within 3 Business days

Yellow Green Safety Rope 8mm x 220m

Product no.: 8mm-Yell-Green-Rope

220m x 8mm Yellow-Green 3 Strand Polypropylene Safety marking Rope.  Polypropylene rope is one of the strongest conventional man-made fibres.

Was NZ$109.00
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In stock can ship within 2 days

8mm x 500m Donaghys Aquatec Safety Permit Rope

Product no.: ROS0872P

8mm x 500metre Aquatec Crushed Mono Rope 3 stranded double twist PP/PE rope 2 Yellow & 1 Green Strand

Was NZ$289.99
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In stock can ship within 7 Business days
Delivery weight: 16 kg

Working at heights requires the correct safety equipment to prevent falls and accidents.

The equipment that we stock meets the stringent NZ and Australian Safety standards required.


Our Harness kits are suitable for use in roof work or for arborists. 

Height Safety Roofing Equipment