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CargoLoc Towing Emergency Recovery Strap

Product no.: Cargoloc-Tow-Strap

CargoLoc Towing Emergency Recovery Strap.  15ft x 2inches, 7000lbs Rated Capacity.  Forged Steel Hooks.

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8T x 9m 4x4 Nylon Recovery-Strap

Product no.: T-ROV8T9

8T Titan Nylon Recovery Strop 9m, MBS-9- 4WD Recovery Straps, 60mm Wide Yellow Nylon Webbing

NZ$176.00 / unit(s)
Was NZ$188.99
You save NZ$12.99
In stock can ship within 3-5 Business days

8T Titan Nylon Recovery Strap x 6m

Product no.: T-ROV8T6

8T Titan Nylon Recovery Strop 6m long, T-ROV8T6- 4WD Recovery Straps, 60mm Wide Yellow Nylon Webbing

NZ$117.00 / unit(s)
Was NZ$133.00
You save NZ$16.00
In stock can ship within 3-5 Business days

SK75 Dynamica 4mm to 36mm X The Metre

Product no.: Dyn-SK75

Genuine Dynamica SK75  Dyneema Rope. Dynamica SK75 Rope 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm to 36mm


From NZ$3.20 / m
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Pulley 8T Off-Road Snatch Block

Product no.: ORB125E

Pulley  Maximum Pulling Capacity 8 Tonne, Off Road Snatch Block.  Ideal for standard ATV recovery.  Wire Rope Dia required is 11mm 

NZ$60.75 / unit(s)
Was NZ$79.95
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Single Pulley 25mm with Alloy Bracket

Product no.: PULLEYBRAK

Single Pulley 25mm with Bracket made from Moss Alloy. Suitable for Awnings and Sailcloths, Suitable for up to 6mm rope thickness.

NZ$15.99 / Byte
Was NZ$19.99
You save NZ$4.00
In stock can ship within 3 Business Days days

Plastic Shovel Heavy Duty 5 Colour Choices

Product no.: Load-Maxx

LoadMaxx Shovel This one-piece plastic shovel is designed for a multitude of applications. It’s tough, it’s strong, and it’s made to last.

From NZ$89.00
Was NZ$119.00
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Tiedown-0.4T Titan Grey S-Hook 25mm

Product no.: Tiedown-Titan-Grey

Industrial Quality Ratchet Tiedown-0.4T Titan Grey-S Hook, 25mm 5.5m.  400kg Lashing Capacity (LTSA Guidelines)

NZ$25.00 / pair(s)
Was NZ$30.00
You save NZ$5.00
In stock

Tiedown 2.5T Titan Blue S-Hook 9m

Product no.: Tiedown-Titan-2.5T

Industrial Quality Ratchet Tiedown-2.5T Titan Blue - 50mm 8.5m.  2500kg Lashing Capacity (LTSA Guidelines)

NZ$35.40 / unit(s)
Was NZ$38.90
You save NZ$3.50
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Delivery weight: 2.85 kg

Titan Safety Shackle 8-5T

Product no.: SSS085E

8.5T Titan Safety Shackle-28mm Pin. High Load Alloy Bow - Grade S. Hot Dipped Galvanized - On SALE

NZ$45.90 / unit(s)
Was NZ$59.95
You save NZ$14.05
In stock can ship within 3 Business days

16.0T Titan 4x4 Nylon Recovery Strop 9m Orange

Product no.: T-ROV16T9

16.0T Titan Nylon Recovery Strop 9m, MBS-9- 4WD Recovery Straps, 60mm Wide Orange Nylon Webbing

NZ$255.00 / unit(s)
Was NZ$279.99
You save NZ$24.99
In stock can ship within 3-5 Business days

16.0T Titan NYLON Stretch Recovery Strop x 6m

Product no.: T-ROV16T6

16T Titan Nylon Recovery Strop 6m long, T-ROV16T6- 4WD Recovery Straps, 60mm Wide Orange Nylon Webbing

NZ$190.00 / unit(s)
Was NZ$199.99
You save NZ$9.99
In stock can ship within 3-5 business days

PowrTouch Evolution 1 Axle 2 Motor Automatic

Product no.: RVP2827

12v DC PowrTouch Evolution Single Axle 2 Motor Automatic - Next Generation Caravan Mover - Developed in the UK. Code: RVP2827

Was NZ$2,927.99
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Product data sheet
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5T Orange Vehicle Tow Strop 3.65m long

Product no.: VTS50-O

5T - MBS Orange Vehicle Tow Strop 3.65m - 50mm Polyester Webbing - Product Code VTS50-O - Breaking Load of 5000kg

Was NZ$22.00
You save NZ$2.01
In stock can ship within 3-5 days

Milenco Wheelclamp 13 and 14in Wheels

Product no.: RVP244

Milenco Wheelclamp 13" and 14" Wheels Fit Caravan 13 inch and Twin Axle 14 inch Wheels Product No. RVP244

Was NZ$449.99
You save NZ$14.99
In stock can ship within 3 - 5 business days

Wheel Clamp - Defender 195 N/A

Product no.: TC522102

Wheel Clamp - Defender 195 - Powder Coated Trojan Wheel Clamp Tyre 195mm to 235mm Part Number TC522102

Was NZ$156.00
You save NZ$23.00
In stock can ship within 4-7 Business days

Air Compressor 50 Litre Digitally Controlled

Product no.: RVP2405

Air Compressor 50 Litre Digitally Controlled - Product Code RVP2405 - 100psi Maximum inflation pressure

Was NZ$144.00
You save NZ$16.00
In stock can ship within 3-5 Business days

Action Outdoors has increased the range of Off-Road Safety Equipment including pulley's, safety chain sets, tie-downs and towing rope.


10 Safety Rules for Off-Road Driving

Four-wheeling is one of the more exciting hobbies you can experience. Going off-road opens your eyes to places you would not otherwise see. It also challenges you, as the terrain is far different from what you are accustomed to driving on. And you can find yourself in a remote and very hostile environment in just a few hours.

Follow the below very important rules for a safer and more enjoyable ride.  We have also added links in these rules to direct you to specific products and pages that it discusses.

  • Let someone know where you will be and when you expect to return. This applies to all trips, not just those in challenging areas. People have been known to get stuck or lost in relatively easy terrain. Should something happen and you’re unable to leave the area or call for help, your friends or family will know to contact the authorities.
  • Always have at least one other vehicle along. This ensures that you will have transportation out in the event your vehicle becomes stuck or damaged and can’t be fixed there. Plus, the extra vehicle means additional manpower to help with problems.
  • Pack survival gear. Even a Sunday drive on the beach can turn sour. Pack the proper gear to get you through the night and to handle medical emergencies that may occur.
  • Tie everything down inside. Your gear will go flying around if you roll over or lay the vehicle on its side. Loose items become missiles which can injure and kill anyone inside.
  • Everyone wears a seatbelt, just like when you drive on paved roads. You and your passengers will get jostled around quite a bit on many of the trails. Plus, the possibility of a rollover or crash exists at any time. The big rock you suddenly hit could cause you or your passengers to go flying out a window. Make sure everyone is belted in.
  • Arms and legs must remain inside. Many trails run through narrow passageways. Any arms or legs hanging outside can get torn off by the trees, cliff walls, or rocks just outside your vehicle. If the vehicle begins to tip your instinct is to put your hand out. There is no way you will be able to stop a vehicle this way. Roll your windows up if you can’t control the urge.
  • Also, make sure no one holds onto the roll bar. Their fingers will get smashed in the event of a rollover. Hands can also be injured if you drive under low-hanging branches.
  • Quit if you become tired. Four-wheeling requires the utmost concentration. Any letdown can lead to an accident and perhaps death. If you feel fatigued at all, pull over and rest, or let someone else drive. Do not force it.
  • Lock it down. When driving off-road, you are seldom on the level ground. Make sure your vehicle will not roll away from you. When you stop, put the vehicle in park, apply the emergency brake, and turn off the engine.
  • Do not hang on a vehicle. If the vehicle gets stuck in a precarious position, do not try to pull it down or otherwise tip it by hand. And absolutely do not climb on the vehicle. Use the proper tools and techniques, and always be a safe distance away. A vehicle can and will crush you if given the chance.
  • Treat winches and high-lift straps with respect. The straps, clevises, and other pieces are under extreme tension when in use. Inspect all parts before using, and stand clear while you are trying to recover a vehicle. A failure in gear or rigging can be lethal to you and bystanders.
Off Road Safety Equipment