Rescue Ropes 11mm

Suitable ropes for use within the rope access, rescue and abseiling devices

All ropes meet the NZ standards for safety

Get the best deals on wide range of our best Rescue ropes which meets all NZ safety standards at unbeatable prices.


Rescue Ropes 11mm

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Product no.: QSI-SKR1130

Kermantle Safety Line - 11mm x 30m Kermantle Rope with Eye (Carabiner) on one end.  Manufacturing Date and Serial No supplied.

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Product no.: Kermantle11mm

Spanset Kermantle Rescue Rope 11mm, Ideal for rope access, abseil and rescue devices. Meets NZ safety standards Sold by the metre

Was NZ$8.00
NZ$5.60 / m
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Product no.: 8mm-Yell-Green-Rope

220m x 8mm Yellow-Green 3 Strand Polypropylene Safety marking Rope.  Polypropylene rope is one of the strongest conventional man-made fibres.

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Product no.: QSI-SBE7-LK

Safety Harness - Construction c/w Tool Loops - High Visability With Shoulder and Back Support Padding

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Product no.: SEB PE M12

PPE EN795 Safety Swivel Anchor - M12 x 21mm 360- Degree Under Load Rating Full Factory Traceability - Product Number SEB PE M12

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