Shelving, Racking Storage

Longspan Shelving Systems

Longspan Shelving Systems

Longspan Shelving - Our shelving is suitable for warehouses, offices, retail shops or for your garage clutter.

Cantilever Shelving Systems

Cantilever Shelving Systems

Cantilever Racking W/ Galvanised Stoppers, Suitable for plumbers, builders or electricians, even to store the canoes at the bach!

Shelving, Racking & Storage

Effective Storage Solution For All Your Warehouse Needs

Heavy-Duty, Excellent strong quality Shelving and Racking. Different options Available

We provide businesses, Homes or Offices with Excellent Quality and Heavy Duty racks, storage and shelving solutions - to suit your needs!

Great for:

  • Office Storage
  • Garage Storage
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Home Storage
  • Food Grade Shelving

Shelving Racking and Storage

Our Extensive RV and Outdoors range feature shelving, racking, storing accessories with great variety. These items in product line offer excellent solutions for all kinds of storage issues you may come across with.

Action outdoors stocks these accessories in a diverse variety to enable you to choose the ideal product for your need. We lay great emphasis on quality and stock top-quality equipment from top-notch brands. Racks in this range are made from heavy-duty material and provide long-term viable solutions for all your needs.

Whether you need equipment for your offices or homes we offer quality racks and storage for all your requirements. We also ensure the safety of food items by providing food-grade racks, which don’t contaminate food items stored in them. Branded accessories in this product line are ideal to use for office, house, garage, and warehouse storage.

You can benefit from the amazing deals we offer on these top-notch products by placing your orders now. We will ship your desired accessories to your doorsteps within three days.

Our accessories in this range are enlisted below.

Long span Shelving:
Long span shelving in this range is ideal for use in your offices, warehouses, garages or retail shops. These items can bear up to 350kg of load per level. We stock these items in a variety of items varying in sizes to match your needs. Shelves made up of Heavy-duty material are ideal for multi-purpose use.


Cantilever Shelving:
Cantilever shelving is an excellent light-duty product line. Shelves, racks and storage facilities in this range come with galvanized stoppers. Accessories are ideal for builders, electricians, plumbers etc. The option of adding extra arms is also made available in our range of Cantilever racking.

Shelving, Racking Storage