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Product no.: Taimer-Waders

Mens Taimer Hi-Elastic Hip Waders - These hip waders are made of durable and waterproof PVC with cleat soles for stability Sizes are in US

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From NZ$59.99
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Product no.: CHESTOLCL

Kilwell Chest Wader, Olive, Cleat Sole Durable High Quality Fitted with cleated sole boots Size US6 TO US 14

Was NZ$89.99
From NZ$79.99
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Product no.: TAIMERWADER

Men's Taimer Hi-Elastic Chest Waders - constructed with very durable PVC, Comes in a Vented Bag.

Was NZ$89.99
From NZ$79.99
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Product no.: 0H1R01

Orvis Waders Encounter Mens - High Quality, the new standard for value-priced waders - Imported by Kilwell;

Was NZ$359.99
From NZ$335.00
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Product no.: 2JBY

Orvis Waders Ultralight Mens - A new level of versatility in a full-featured wader. ​- By Kilwell

Was NZ$699.99
From NZ$594.99
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In stock

Product no.: 1Z6N01

Orvis Women Waders Encounter A fit that matches our award-winning Silver Sonic family of waders By Kilwell NZ

Was NZ$359.99
From NZ$305.99
You save NZ$54.00

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Product no.: CC6-Waders

Scierra CC6 Stocking Foot Wader - An extremely comfortable and durable wader, Waterproof over 20,000mm.

Was NZ$650.00
From NZ$599.99
You save NZ$50.01

In stock can ship within 3 days

Orvis offers the highest quality waders in the fishing industry.

By combining durable materials with cutting-edge technology and more than 150 years of experience, we've created a line of waders better than any other on the market.

Available in men's, women's,  our waders are designed to give you a true and comfortable fit.

Explore our selection of waders and find exactly what you need to stay dry and comfortable while fishing your favourite water.

Constructed with our patented sonic seam weld technology and designed with a 4-layer, breathable nylon fabric, our Silver Sonic waders provide you ultimate comfort and durability and keep you dry on the water.

The innovative suspension strap system allows you to easily and quickly transform your chest waders into hip waders without removing the suspenders.

The interior waterproof pocket with touchscreen capabilities is the perfect spot to keep cameras, cell phones, and other valuables dry.

The integrated antimicrobial hygiene function protects your waders from odour and mildew to ensure optimal wearing comfort.

Our boot foot waders are excellent for anglers who enjoy fishing in colder climates.

The insulated boots provide incredible traction and keep your feet warm when fishing in the coldest conditions. Find unmatched value and performance in our new line of Encounter waders.

Built from a 4-layer, tightly woven nylon fabric, these waders offer fantastic durability at an unbeatable price.

Experience our technologically advanced waders and stop worrying about leaks when standing in your favourite fishing run.