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FLIR M324S Next Generation - Stabilised

Product no.: M324S

Was NZ$13,816.56
You save NZ$1,117.56
In stock can ship within 3 days

FLIR TK Scout - Thermal Night Vision

Product no.: MS-TK

Was NZ$1,507.99
You save NZ$14.99
Product data sheet
In stock can ship within 3 -5 days

Plastimo Jib Reefing Furler System 609

Product no.: 58203-ASM

Was NZ$1,475.00
You save NZ$120.00
In stock can ship within 3-5 Business days

Simrad NSS Evo3 'S' 9inch package FLIR M232

Product no.: 8866-ASM

Was NZ$10,399.99
You save NZ$22.00
Product data sheet
In stock can ship within 3-5 days

MaXtek Marine Oven with 2 burner & Grill

Product no.: 5013-ASM

Was NZ$1,369.99
You save NZ$20.99
In stock can ship within 3-5 days

Fusion Stereo and 6' Speaker Combo

Product no.: MS-RA70PACK

Was NZ$679.00
You save NZ$140.00
In stock can ship within 5-7 business days

Ocean Tech Electric toilet with Space Saver

Product no.: 8301

Was NZ$459.99
You save NZ$40.00
In stock can ship within 3 days

NASA Marine AIS Receiver + PC Plotter software

Product no.: NSAAIS

Was NZ$599.99
You save NZ$200.00
In stock can ship within 3 days

advanSea AIS RX-100 Receiver for GPS-Plotter

Product no.: PL58558

Was NZ$499.00
You save NZ$100.00
In stock can ship within 3 days

Outboard Bracket to 50kg - Angled Transom

Product no.: 90726

In stock can ship within 3 days

CTEK MXT4 - 8 Stage Battery Charger 24V 4Aamps

Product no.: CTEKMXT4

Was NZ$399.00
You save NZ$69.01
In stock can ship within 3 -5 days

Ocean Tech Manual large Bowl Toilet

Product no.: 8291

Was NZ$329.00
You save NZ$39.01
In stock can ship within 3 -5 days

LED Docking Lights Stainless Steel Attwood

Product no.: 00222

Was NZ$315.70
You save NZ$28.70
In stock can ship within 3 -5 days

Portable Gas Califont Hot Water Heater

Product no.: 406106

Was NZ$650.00
You save NZ$123.00
In stock can ship within 3 days
Delivery weight: 11 kg

Ocean Tech Manual Toilet

Product no.: 8290

In stock can ship within 3 days

Anchor Mooring Buoy with Led Light

Product no.: 636020

Was NZ$235.00
You save NZ$55.10
In stock can ship within 3 days

Paddle Board PFD - Lalizas Delta Belt-Pack

Product no.: 71109

Was NZ$169.99
You save NZ$20.00
In stock can ship within 3 days

Sigma Auto Gas Inflate Lifejacket with Harness

Product no.: 71094

Was NZ$215.00
You save NZ$66.01
In stock can ship within 3 days

Seat Pedestal Adjustable

Product no.: 4480-ASM

Available from 16/06/2019 until 30/06/2019

Was NZ$240.00
You save NZ$91.01

Caravan Table Alloy Pedestal Kit

Product no.: 54025

Was NZ$149.99
You save NZ$10.00
In stock can ship within 3 days

SS Steering Wheel 15.5inch

Product no.: 7805

Was NZ$168.20
You save NZ$41.20
In stock can ship within 3 -5 days

Boat Seat Pedestal with 3 set heights

Product no.: 4482-ASM

Was NZ$199.00
You save NZ$81.00

Dinghy Wheels Pair

Product no.: 5825-ASM

Was NZ$135.00
You save NZ$17.01
In stock can ship within 3 -5 days

Stainless Triple Rod Rack

Product no.: 54082-03

In stock can ship within 3 days

511mm x 460mm Extra Large Grey Hatch - Lalizas

Product no.: 11102

In stock can ship within 3 days

6 Step Battery Charger 12V 0.8A

Product no.: CTEK-XS0-8

Was NZ$109.00
You save NZ$12.00
In stock can ship within 3 -5 days

Plastic Sleeves For Wooden Oars 40mm & 44mm

Product no.: 2011121606

From NZ$10.00 / pair(s)
Was NZ$15.00
You save NZ$5.00
In stock can ship within 2 days

Large Range of accessories for all you're Boating, & Fishing needs.

Marine boating RV equipment


Action outdoors stocks the largest range of Marine, boating, fishing &RV equipment in store, available in the best quality anywhere in the market &that too at the lowest possible prices.
Our Marine, RV, Fishing &Boating equipment ranges include massive variety in terms of both; renowned international brands, as well as our very own New Zealand, made products.
Here, you will be able to discover everything you have been looking for, related to RV Marine & Boating equipment. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all your needs when it comes to your search for the best quality equipment at unbeatable prices.
In terms of serving you right with our Marine, fishing, RV &boating products we follow three basic principles; making sure the availability of the best quality equipment anywhere in the market, setting the prices at unbeatable rates to keep every item well within your range, & lastly, the provision of the kindest service at our store, to win your hearts all over again.
Our supplies include accessories for all your needs; ranging from all kinds of accessories for your boats, fishing expeditions &Marine needs to a plethora of vital accessories for your RV and motorhome.
Our stocks for the marine boating equipment includes; Anchor ropes & chains, Anchors, Shackles, Buoys, Marine hardware, Outriggers, Fenders, Plastic bins& tons of other accessories to meet all your needs pertaining to Marine & boating equipment.
The scope of our products range from very small adjustments in the planning of your boats & RV equipment to complete renovation of your accessories; whether you are planning to renovate your boat or RV & motor home, or thinking about making minor changes or buying new equipment to enhance the working of your boat or Motorhome, we have got it all covered for you with our brand-new range of Marine boating fishing and RV equipment.
We stock equipment for all kinds of outdoor adventures you are planning to embark upon this summer; from boating to fishing & netting etc.
Our wide range of product for fishing accessories host; commercial & recreational rods, hooks, reels, sinkers, swivels, lures, ropes, chains, braids, pots etc.
Marine/Boating Specials