Heavy Duty Vehicle Lubrication Additive 433ml

Heavy Duty Vehicle Lubrication Additive 433ml

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Heavy Duty Vehicle Lubrication Additive 433ml

Heavy duty oil additive that increases "Delivered" horsepower. Reduces gear noise, engine and transmission heat. The product for the toughest lubrication jobs. Contains JB Metal Conditioner. Add JB Heavy Duty vehicle lubricant to engines with over 10L of crankcase oil. It has a tremendous attraction to metals under conditions of friction, penetrating, smoothing and sealing of the metal without build-up, or changes in tolerances. Completely compatible with all types and all brands of motor oil, and can be used in all petrol and diesel engines, and both are heat-stable and oil soluble. 

  • Increases "delivered" horsepower 
  • Increases fuel mileage
  • Reduces gear noise and heat 
  • Frees sticky valves and rings 
  • Treats the Metal, Not the Oil 

Prevents Carbon Build-Up in Engines 

By smoothing and sealing moving surfaces, this creates a shield and these surfaces, become too slick and slippery to allow carbon to build up. 

Increased "Delivered" Horsepower 

Vehicles that are treated with Justice Brothers Heavy Duty Vehicle will see a gain in delivered horse power. This gain in power is a direct result of reduced friction and drag. With less drag to overcome, the engine transmits more actual power to the wheels. 

Instructions for Disesel Emission Control Service 

These Instructions are to be used in conjunction with instructions on the product, and it's very important not to rush, or skip steps. 

It's recommended (but not essential) that the 3 Part Diesel Emission Service, and one of the following products are used together as one complete service. Use one JB Engine Treatment for engines with up to 10L of oil, or JB Heavy duty vehicle lubricant for engines with over 10L of oil. 

Step 1: Add Diesel Internal Engine Cleaner Part 1 to the old engine oil before draining. Run the engine for 30 minutes at idle to clean the entire oil system and crankcase, and then drain oil 

CAUTION: It is common for newer diesels with EGR systems to have a build up of soot and carbon in the engine oil, combustion chambers and EGR system. In some cases this has led to catastrophic failures, with one of the most common being blocked oil pickups through a build up of sooty sludge in the engine oil. If you are unaware of the vehicle's service history, or know it has a bad service history, or think it's just a heavily contaminated engine, now is the time to drop the sump and check everything, and take the action you consider necessary. 

Step 2: Add new filter and fill oil to normal level. Add Diesel EGR Cleaner Part 2 to the new oil. This is an evaporate cleaner that will circulate through and clean the EGR system, and will evaporate over 45 minutes as the engine runs. 

At the same time Part 3, the Diesel Fuel Injection cleaner can be added to the diesel fuel filter canister, if there is one, the remainder, or all added to the fuel tank. 

Start the engine and idle it for about 5 minutes, the engine may run rough and stall out, this is normal and once the engine settles drive for about 20 minutes. It may also miss during the early part of driving, but this should clear. Once the engine is settle be sure to accelerate hard to open the EGR circuit and promote a thorough cleaning 

Step 4: Add JB Engine Treatment to engines with up to 10L of oil. Add JB Heavy duty vehicle lubricant to engines with over 10L of oil. 

Part No. HDV/23P (15 FL. OZ. Plastic Bottle) 


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