Side-Power SH240/250TC Hydraulic Thruster 14cm3

Side-Power SH240/250TC Hydraulic Thruster 14cm3

Product no.: SH240/250TC-U14

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Side-Power SH 240/250 T Hydraulic Thruster 14cm3

Thruster unit with Parker Ultra hyd. motor 14cm3, thrust > 165kg for 250mm tunnel

Twin Counterrotating Propellers

Two counter-rotating propellers can give the most thrust at a good performance ratio in a minimal tunnel diameter. This system is used in our larger thrusters for maximum power. The TC models are the favourite thrusters among leading boatbuilders for their high-end yachts.

Sealed and lifetime lubricated gearleg

Sealed gearleg with long-life "mechanical" seal where highly polished ceramic and carbon surfaces form the only moving sealing surfaces, ensuring protection against damaging water intrusion into the gear leg. Pre-filled with special gear oil for lifetime lubrication.

  • "Mechanical" seals with surfaces of ceramic and carbon for ultimate security against water intrusion


The new 5 blade special skew propellers are the result of over 2 years of development work and thousands of tests. They have been designed to reduce the noise level, while maintaining the exceptional efficiency of the old 4 blade Side-Power propellers. This goal was achieved, and we even chose to make them a little bit more aggressive on some models, increasing the thrust on some thrusters about 5%. Please see individual information on each new thruster for more details.

  • Noise reductions of up to 75% measured in controlled environments

  • The expected and tested normal noise reduction in average installations: 20-40%

  • Will be delivered on all Side-Power models except models with 300mm and 385mm tunnel diameter

  • Upgrade kits are available for most SP series thrusters with special adaptors

Technical Information

Light duty thrust up to (kg · lbs)

240 · 528

Heavy duty thrust up to (kg · lbs)

220 · 440

Typical boat size (ft · m)

42 - 75 · 13 - 23

Tunnel I.D. (mm · in)

250 · 9.8

Propulsion system

Twin Counter rot.

Hydraulic power up to (kw · Hp)

14.9 · 20.0

Weight (kg · lbs)

15.9 · 35.0

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