Smart Switch SMS Controller 3G/4G

Product no.: SMS-8-3G/4G

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Smartswitch - SMS Controller 3G OR 4G


Control your boat via SMS!
Turn on any fridge/freezer, underwater lighting, air conditioner or any other device.

Receive information from the boat - shore power disconnect, intruder alarm, bilge pump running, high water bilge, and more, all from your mobile phone.

Easy to use. Easy to install

  • Connects to a GSM network
  • Eight Inputs Four Positive switching Inputs.

   - Four Negative switching Inputs.
   - User programmable Input names (via sms).
   - Programmable Input delays -  max 15 minutes (via sms).
   - Programmable Latching or Non-Latching Inputs (via SMS).
   - Programmable normally open or normally closed Input (via SMS).

  • Four Outputs - user programmable Output names (via SMS).
  • Link any input to any output.
  • Monitors its supply voltage -  Low battery alarm 11.5 or 22.5 VDC.
  • Receive Input or Output status any time.
  • Up to 12 Master Users.
  • All changes and setup are made by SMS from your mobile phone (no need for a computer).


  • Supply Voltage 12 to 30 volts DC - Auto Sensing
  • Quiescent Current 20 Milli-amps
  • Data Retention 10 years (without power)
  • 117mm x 78mm x 30mm
Connects to a GSM network
  • Eight Inputs
  • Four Outputs - (with programmable names - via sms)
  • Link any input to any output monitors its own supply voltage
  • Receive Input or Output status any time
  • Up to 12 Master Users
  • All changes and set-up made by sms from your mobile phone (no need for a computer)


NZ Code  SMS-8-3G/4G

J - 25.07.22

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