ForwardScan Transducer Kit with Sleeve and Plug

ForwardScan Transducer Kit with Sleeve and Plug

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Simrad ForwardScan transducer kit with Sleeve and Plug

ForwardScan Sonar is the ideal forward looking two dimensional echo-sounder for all power and sail boats that want safety and peace of mind that comes with knowing the depth of the water ahead of the boat.

Unlike other Forward-looking sounders, the ForwardScan can display bottom imagery up to 8 times the current depth, it integrates with your onboard NS evo2 or Zeus Touch providing full control at any operating station.



  • Provides water depth information in front of the boat to allow boaters to confidently navigate shallow or poorly charted waters

  • Look ahead view is capable of up to 8 times the depth, however, the normal operating range is 4 to 5 times the depth. Ex 10’ depth would provide an 80’ forward view

  • Operates at 180kHz to reduce interference from tradition 200kHz echo sounders. Transmits and receives up to ten times faster than previous forward-looking systems providing a real-time update.

  • Easy Auto Ranging: Auto-forward range and auto depth range default options update the range scales to best suit the viewing of the depth in front of the boat with no button pushing.

  • The deeper the depth range the further forward range. The shallower the depth range the shorter forward range.

NZ Product Number: 000-11674-001

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