Simrad NSS9 Evo3S Multifunction 9 Inch Display

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SIMRAD NSS evo3S 9-inch display with GPS, sounder and Wi-Fi - Includes world basemap

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Product Description

NSS evo3S is a mid-life update to the NSS evo3. The key difference is a next-generation processor. This greatly improves the speed and smoothness of the display. The NSS evo3 is already a feature-packed product, and the new processor in the evo3S means that each one of those features has now been improved.

Key Features for Sportfishing and Offshore Cruising:

  • High Resolution, High Bright SolarMax IPS Displays
  • Easy to use touchscreen UI as well as a full keypad for simple and precise control in any sea conditions
  • Built-in advanced echosounder capable of 1kW Dual-channel CHIRP, Forwardscan, Sidescan, Downscan and StructureScan 3D images
  • Take another step forward with Simrad’s premium network modules for the ultimate offshore performance
  • Halo Dome and Open Array Radars: S5100 Sportfishing Echosounder, Direct audio, autopilot and engine connection and control
  • Low profile glass dash styling

Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity:

  • Software update notifications and downloads when connected to the internet
  • Screen mirroring when connected to a mobile device
  • The built-in high sensitivity of 10 Hz GPS antenna
  • Dual Micro SD card slots
Next-Generation Processor-

The critical difference between NSS evo3 and evo3S is that the former is a new, state-of-the-art processor. The evo3S features a new iMX8 processor that allows for twice the performance of the previous generation processor. The key benefits a user will see from the new processor are

  • Faster page changes- Page loading times have been halved
  • Smoother transitions- Movements on the screen, like chart rotation and panning, are much smoother, capturing the Simrad brand's premium experience.
  • Multi-tasking- With such an increase in power, NSS evo3S can multi-task like no previous product.
SolarMax IPS Display Technology-
  • Ultra-wide viewing angles for excellent viewability from any angle on the boat (>80 degrees up/down/left/right)
  • High resolutions for best on-screen detail
  • High brightness LED backlight and anti-reflective coating for ultimate bright sunlight viewing
  • Very high maximum display operating temperatures for reliable operation in the harshest boating locations
  • Multi-touch screen for simple, intuitive software control
  • Optical bonding for zero chance of display fogging
  • Oleophobic coating for easy removal of fingerprints

Multi-touch screen and keypad hybrid control

With NSS evo3S, you have complete control of your vessel at your fingertips. The super responsive touchscreen makes route planning and adjusting settings a breeze. Complete keypad control with both rotary dial and arrow keys means that when conditions get rough, you have something physical to hold on to and have no doubt about who’s in control.

Built-in Advanced Echosounder

NSS evo3S includes a built-in advanced echosounder that can connect two transducers to one display, allowing for Dual-Channel CHIRP. Built-in functionality includes:

  • 1kW Broadband 50/83/200kHz
  • 1kW CHIRP Low/Medium/High
  • Active Imaging 3-in-1
  • ForwardScan

For even more sonar performance, you can connect one of the following external Sonar modules

  • StructureScan 3D Sidescan, Downscan and 3D sonar.
  • S5100 Three sonar channels with up to 3kW power output



  • Navionics plus NZ Chart [$249.00]
  • Navionics Platinum plus NZ Charts [$399.00]
  • C-Map Reveal NZ Charts [$420.00]
  • Active Imaging 3-in-1 Transducer [$409.00]
  • Airmar P66 - 600W XSONIC Transducer [$250.00]
  • Airmar TM260 1kw Transom Mount Transducer [$1,300]
  • Airmar B45 Thru-Hull 600w Transducer [$350.00]
  • Airmar SS260 Thru-Hull 1 kw Transducer [1,699.00]
  • GS25 GPS Antenna plus NMEA200 3-pice Kit [$440.00]

Please email if you want to include any of the options.

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