No Wear Guard 228 x 50 mm Twin Pack

No Wear Guard 228 x 50 mm Twin Pack

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No Wear Guard (228 x 50 mm) Twin Pack


No Wear Guard (228 x 50 mm) Twin Pack

Have you ever looked at your boat and wondered "HOW CAN I STOP THE ROPES RUBBING ON THE GELCOAT, FIBERGLASS AND WOOD" and prevent wear and tear on my boat?

Well now all your problems are over. Introducing "The No-Wear Chafe Guard"

  • Prevent chafe and damage to your boat
  • Easy to install
  • Highest grade marine Stainless Steel
  • Industrial strength double sided adhesive


  • The No-WearGuard  is easy to apply.
  • Simply clean and dry the area of the boat to be used (lightly filling and sanding any dents if neccessary for best results). 
  • Remove the backing paper from the adhesive tape, position the No-Wear Guard and press it down, rubbing with a soft cloth to ensure all edges are firmly stuck down. 
  • If being used on a sharp bend, it is advisable to pre-bend before removing the backing paper(this can be done by hand, or around the area to be used) this will help with the adhesion.
  • If for any reason you wish to remove the No-Wear Guard, use either a heat gun or hairdryer, gently heat until it can be pulled off.

Price is for a package containing 2 x no wear chafe guards

NZ Code: 1008

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