100pcs Alum Single Sleeve Crimps

100pcs Alum Single Sleeve Crimps

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Large Aluminium Single Sleeve Crimp x 100 pcs.

Suitable for crimping 2 pieces of nylon line together for mono-filament line.

These superior quality aluminium sleeves can be used with light or heavy mono-filament when constructing leaders, or rigging lures, teaser rigs and spreader bars.

See photo for oval shape in cross section - D = shortest internal diameter of sleeve; L = Length

Available Sizes:

  • 1.70mm x 18mm- 200lb
  • 2.00mm x 18mm- 300lb
  • 2.30mm x 18mm- 450lb
  • 2.60mm x 18mm- 500lb
  • 2.80mm x 18mm- 600lb

We recommend using Aluminium crimps with one size larger than your line size for ease of use.  

We also have Crimping Tools on website and instore.  

Crimping Techniques 

Crimping or swaging as it sometimes called is a quick and reliable method for making joins in mono-filament and cable. However, some of the techniques are misunderstood and fish are often lost due to poorly made crimped connections. After you’ve read this you’ll be building leaders that are the envy of your fishing buddies. Remember, practice makes perfect. Learn these methods at home when the weather’s too bad for fishing and never lose another fish to a bad connection. 

Click here to read the full article on Crimping Techniques.  This article has been written by Leadertec.com


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