12FT Radius 2.5 inch Green Cast Net USA Style

12FT Radius 2.5 inch Green Cast Net USA Style

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American Style Nylon Mono Cast Net 12FT


Made with 2.5 inch Green Mesh for Mullet

Professional American Style Cast net features the drawstrings at the bottom

Includes 6 panels and extra leads which ensure that it is fast sinking

Total weight of the net is 6.0 kg 

Basic Cast Net Structure 
• Swivel: two metal loops or rings attached together, that turn at both ends. 
• Hand line: a rope which is attached to the swivel on one end, with the other end attached to the caster's wrist. 
• Horn: a ring with an indentation around the centre, where the top of the net is tied. 
• Lead Line: a rope with sinkers attached. This rope is at the outside perimeter of the net to sink it. 
• Brail Lines: lines attached to the swivel at one end and to the leadline at the other. Their function is to pucker the net, thus trapping the catch. 
• Netting: made from nylon multifilament or monofilament to form the desired mesh. 
Please note these nets are not legal for Grey Mullet in NZ, but can be used for sprats- yellow-eyed Mullet and all other bait fish
We export a lot of these nets to the Pacific Islands - they make a perfect present if you are heading there! 
If Not Sure go to MPI website for the gill/set net regulations for the fish you wish to catch.

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