Catch Livies Curly Tail 6in TomTom Glow

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Catch Livies Curly Tail 6in TomTom Glow



A step forward in fishing technology, the Catch Black Label Livies Soft Baits are designed to target a wide range of fish species, a must-have for any angler. Manufactured from recyclable and non-toxic TPR (thermoplastic rubber) material, these soft baits are super stretchy and durable to resist bite-offs for longer. TPR is also softer and ultra-buoyant for superior lifelike action in the water.

The exterior surface of the Black Label Livies is moulded with ribs and scales, creating little vibrations that will attract fish from a distance, even in murky water. They are also infused with randomised glitter to imitate the look of broken scales. This attention to detail makes these soft baits irresistible to fish. Combine with Catch jigheads for the ultimate in soft bait action.


  • Super tough
  • Ultra buoyant: superior swimming action
  • The exterior surface is moulded with ribs and scales to create vibration
  • Randomised glitter to imitate broken scales
  • Made from recyclable rubber
  • PVC and phthalates free
  • Some colours have Glow in the Dark pigment
  • Non-toxic
  • Scent-free
  • UV infused
  • Curly tail
  • Length: 6in
  • Qty: 4 per pack

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