Crew Rescue Knife Box of 6 Knives

Crew Rescue Knife Box of 6 Knives

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Crew Rescue Knife - Box of 6 Knives


Used worldwide by professional rescue crews, fishermen, commercial divers, riggers, the oil industry, and coastguards.

  • Rounded tip so can be used close to the skin of the victim without the risk of cutting the victim.
  • The Blade is flat ground and has a Hardness is 54-56 HRC. It has a -78 C Quench after hardening. Its benefit is a strong, hard and wear-resistant blade with an improved Edge Retention.
  • made for cutting seat belts and other ropes where a sharp point is not needed for safety
  • The superior Steel Quality limits Corrosion.
  • The knife comes with a Handle with Finger Guard made out of yellow Polypropylene (PP).
  • Victory knives are manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand out of German German X46Cr13 no-stain High Carbon Stainless Steel.
  • 9cm Blade - Stainless Steel


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Kermantle Rescue Rope 11mm dia Kermantle Rescue Rope 11mm dia
NZ$5.60 / m

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