Blunt End Diving Knife 10cm or 16cm Box of 6

Blunt End Diving Knife 10cm or 16cm Box of 6

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Victory Blunt End Diving Knife, SS with Yellow Handle - Box of 6 Knives

  • Available in blade length of 10cm and 16cm.
  • A premium quality range of knives for the commercial diver.
  • Especially useful on oil rig operations, on deck and underwater.
  • Superior steel quality limits corrosion.

VICTORY Diving Knife Features:

  • A world famous knife made here in New Zealand
  • Blade Lengths: 10cm and 16cm
  • Ideal for Paua and Shellfish harvesting;
  • Razor-sharp serrated edge with a rounded tip
  • Used extensively by riggers, oil industry divers, sat divers, navy, rescue and commercial shellfish harvesting
  • Manufactured from a one-point 4030 stainless with a small percentage of carbon imported from Germany
  • The perfect balance between edge retention, corrosion prevention, and sharpening capabilities
  • Blade hardness is 54-56 RC which is achieved by the stainless blade having a sub-zero quench after hardening
  • Strong, hard and wear-resistant blade with improved edge retention
  • Durable, easy to maintain the blade and cutting edge
  • Handle and Blade materials MAF and FDA approved
  • Finger Guard for added safety
  • Flat Grind, high polish surface makes cutting easier and reduces corrosion
  • No gap at handle and blade joint for better hygiene
  • Polypropylene and TPE handle
  • Guarantee with personalized serial number
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Blade Length: 10cm
Blade Length: 16cm


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