3 Strand Polyester Rope Black and Tarred FADs

3 Strand Polyester Rope Black and Tarred FADs

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4mm x 10kg/coil 3 Strand Polyester Black-Tarred Rope


Manufactured for construction of  Fishing Aggregation  Devices  - FADs


This 3 strand polyester rope is protected from rot by tarring - coating the rope with tar.  


  • 3 Strand Full Balanced Construction

  • UV Stablised to meet extreme conditions

  • Proven spat collection and retention



  • A curve section will form around the point where the nylon rope and polypropylene rope are spliced together end to end.
  • The offsetting sinking and buoyant properties of the two ropes cause the curve to form. The sinking property of the nylon rope is used to maintain the catenary curve at a safe depth.
  • Formation of the catenary curve builds scope into the mooring. This extra rope absorbs much of the energy produced by rough seas and thus protects the mooring.
  • The lower mooring section consists of buoyant polypropylene rope, chain, and connecting hardware.
  • The buoyancy of the rope must be sufficient to lift it and the connecting lower hardware away from the seafloor and so prevent the rope from abrading.
  • Forces exerted on the buoy and mooring by wind, waves and currents near the surface are transferred down the mooring to the chain, which rises and sinks in response.
  • A swivel placed between the polypropylene rope and the chain prevents twists in the chain and mooring rope.




Product Note Status Price
Buoys for FADs Buoys for FADs
18mm Braid Rope 18mm Braid Rope
Forged Swivel Eye to Eye Forged Swivel Eye to Eye
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