3 Strand Polyester Rope Black and Tarred FADs POA

3 Strand Polyester Rope Black and Tarred FADs POA

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4mm x 10kg/coil 3 Strand Polyester Black-Tarred Rope


Manufactured for construction of  Fishing Aggregation  Devices  - FADs


This 3 strand polyester rope is protected from rot by tarring - coating the rope with tar.  


  • 3 Strand Full Balanced Construction

  • UV Stablised to meet extreme conditions

  • Proven spat collection and retention



  • A curve section will form around the point where the nylon rope and polypropylene rope are spliced together end to end.
  • The offsetting sinking and buoyant properties of the two ropes cause the curve to form. The sinking property of the nylon rope is used to maintain the catenary curve at a safe depth.
  • Formation of the catenary curve builds scope into the mooring. This extra rope absorbs much of the energy produced by rough seas and thus protects the mooring.
  • The lower mooring section consists of buoyant polypropylene rope, chain, and connecting hardware.
  • The buoyancy of the rope must be sufficient to lift it and the connecting lower hardware away from the seafloor and so prevent the rope from abrading.
  • Forces exerted on the buoy and mooring by wind, waves and currents near the surface are transferred down the mooring to the chain, which rises and sinks in response.
  • A swivel placed between the polypropylene rope and the chain prevents twists in the chain and mooring rope.




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