3Str-Ny-Rope-14mmx110m Spliced 7mmChx10m-Combo

3Str-Ny-Rope-14mmx110m Spliced 7mmChx10m-Combo

Product no.: 3StrNy-14mm-Ch7mmx10m-Combo

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3Strand Nylon Rope-14mm x 110m spliced to 10mm x 10m DIN766 Short Link Anchor Chain


7mm x 10metres Auto Winch DIN766 Short Link Anchor Chain spliced to 110mts of 14mm 3 Strand Nylon Rope.  

This particular set up is the one for Maxell winches, Vertical Quick Winches, Vertical Lofrans winches.

This Rope is made from a premium 3 Strand Nylon Braid.  It has been hand spliced to DIN766 Short Link Anchor Chain. 


Chain 7mm DIN766 Short Link Anchor Chain
Chain length 10m
14mm Rope Nylon 3 Strand Nylon
Rope length 110mts


Although the 3-Strand splice is the most common splice, and simple to perform technique is important to preserve splice strength.  3 strand ropes to chains are generally made from any or all of the following fibres:


Rope and, particularly chain, selection is extremely important. Deciding on the right anchor winch for your boat depends on the size, not only of the boat, but also the ground tackle. There are a wide variety of both metric (mm) and imperial (inches) chain sizes available and these will have bearing on your final windlass decision. It is important that the right size and right grade of chain is used to ensure a correct fit of the links to the gypsy. If the chain is not matched to the chainwheel problems may occur, such as the chain jumping off the gypsy or the chain jamming as it will not feed smoothly through the chain pipe. Chain to chainwheel compatibility is so important.

This includes the following individual products

Product Status Quantity Price
7mm Din766 Auto Winch Short Link Anchor Chain
Product no.: 7MMSLC
10 metre(s) NZ$79.90
3 Strand Nylon Rope Splice
Product no.: Splice-3Str-Nylon
1 unit(s) NZ$10.00
Nylon Rope 14mm x 110m
Product no.: 3StrNy-14mmx110m
1 piece(s) NZ$250.00

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