CRC Resamax Epoxy Mortar Hardener 10L

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CRC ADOS Resamax Epoxy Mortar Hardener-Pail 10L only  /Epoxy Mortar Resin  10L Pail Resin code is 4550

ADOS Epoxy Mortar is a two-part silica-based epoxy. Once mixed, the putty can be easily moulded to form permanent watertight repairs with a smooth finish to concrete, brick, mortar and plaster.

It adheres well to wet surfaces and is suitable for most underwater repairs. In cured form ADOS Epoxy Mortar is many times harder and more impact resistant than concrete, with a similar consistency and colour to new concrete, and has excellent chemical and UV resistance.

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Features & Benefits

  • Permanent and super strong – Cures harder than concrete
  • Cures watertight – Suitable for repairs to submerged substrates
  • Adheres to wet surfaces – Can be applied underwater
  • Excellent cohesive properties in uncured state – Easy to work and mould, ideal when a smooth even finish is required
  • Appearance – Similar consistency and colour to new concrete
  • Non-slump – Suitable for overhead and vertical applications
  • 100percent solids – No shrinkage when cured
  • Resilient – Excellent resistance to chemicals and UV rays
  • Convenient to use – 1 to 1 ratio formulation, ensures correct mixing each time

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