CRC Grey RTV Gasket Sensor Cartridge 300g

CRC Grey RTV Gasket Sensor Cartridge 300g

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CRC Grey RTV Gasket Sensor Safe Cartridge 85g

CRC Grey RTV Gasket Sensor Safe is formulated for high torque applications (predominantly Japanese designs) and has an intermittent service temperature of up to 330°C.

CRC Grey RTV Gasket Sensor Safe is a self-forming room temperature vulcanising Silicone that replaces almost any cut gasket, felt, cork, paper, asbestos and rubber gaskets. No gasket sealers are required – the pure silicone rubber forms to any size and shape quickly.

CRC Grey RTV Gasket Sensor Safe features low odour and is non-corrosive with excellent oil resistance. It resists migrating caused by thermal cycles, cracking, shrinking and vibration and is highly resistant to auto and shop fluids.

Do not use as a head gasket, not suitable for stove pipes or in fireplaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Sensor safe

  • Intermittent service temperature of up to 330°C

  • Makes any size or shape of gasket in minutes

  • Replaces most automotive gaskets

  • Odourless, non-corrosive, safe for all models, excellent oil resistance

  • Easy to apply

  • Excellent adhesion


  • Rear main bearing cap split line

  • Damper keyway sealing

  • Differential cover, intake and seals

  • OHC cap

  • Oil pan corner seals

  • Oil pan gasket

  • Side cover plate

  • Thermostat housing

  • Timing cover

  • Transmission pan

  • Valve cover gasket

  • Vibration damper

  • Water pump cover gasket

  • Intake manifolds

Physical Properties and Performance Characteristics


Silicone Polymer

Curing Method

Neutral (Oxime)



Continuous Service Temperature


Intermittent Temperature


Hardness (Shore A)

= 18

Tensile Strength

= 0.8 N/mm2

Elongation at Break

= 250%

Elastic Recovery




Tack Free Time

= 30 minutes



Pack Sizes Available


Cartridge 300 g, pack size 6
0.10cm W x : 0.10kg


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