CRC Brakleen Brake Cleaner Non-Flammable

CRC Brakleen Brake Cleaner Non-Flammable

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CRC Brakleen Brake Cleaner Non-Flammable 550g

CRC Brakleen Non-Flammable is a powerful, heavy duty cleaner and degreaser for brake, clutch parts and general mechanical equipment. It is formulated to quickly and safely dissolve and flush away grease, oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, hardened deposits and other contaminants, without the need for disassembly - reducing maintenance costs.

CRC Brakleen Non-Flammable is also perfect for degreasing components prior to reassembly - especially prior to thread locking. When sprayed, the break up in the liquid stream assists cleaning by providing surface agitation and maximum wet-out. It is rubber safe and safe on most automotive plastics.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for use where a non-flammable parts cleaner is required

  • Quick cleaning, Quick evaporating

  • Non staining, non-corrosive, leaves no residue

  • Does not contain silicones

  • No disassembly required – Saves time and maintenance cost

  • Controlled spray action – Assists cleaning through surface agitation

  • Low surface tension – Gives excellent penetration and ensures superior dissolving and degreasing properties

  • Superior cleaning and degreasing properties – Has many uses beyond breaks

  • Brakes last longer and perform better

  • Helps eliminate disc brake squeal and clutch chatter

  • Safely settles and removes hazardous brake dust

  • Stable, non-staining and non-corrosive to metals

  • Does not contain silicone – Can be painted over

  • MPI Approved C12 (All animal product except dairy)


  • Brakleen brake cleaner, cleans and degreases brake linings, drums, cylinders, brake shoes, disc brake pads, discs, wedge brakes, springs, calipers, clutch discs, wheel bearings, CV joints, wire ropes, winch cables, dies, moulds, equipment, parts & tools.

  • For cleaning machinery, motors and general mechanical equipment when a vapour degreaser is required. Can also be used to clean electrical contacts. (Equipment must be de-energised before cleaning. Fully ventilate equipment before re-energising equipment).

  • Great for cleaning most parts of your car and bike. Excellent for cleaning clutch and pressure plates prior to overhaul and reassembly. Use on car, truck or motorcycle engines, mowers, outboard motors. Boat, industrial, mining, farming equipment parts, gears and also concrete driveways.

  • Also ideal for flushing away built up dirt, grease and oil that can prevent forklifts and industrial machinery from working efficiently

  • For degreasing components prior to reassembly, especially prior to thread-locking. Preparation for the application of engine sealants, paint or lubricant. Ideal for removing grease and contaminates from CV joints and wheel bearings

  • Car brake cleaner



Pack Sizes Available


Non-Flammable Aerosol 550 g, pack size 6
24.80cm H x 6.80cm W x 6.80cm D : 0.60kg


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