Diesel Heater Spartan Air 12V

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Diesel Heater Spartan Air 12V


Wallas Spartan Air-Diesel heater.

The Spartan Air is a 4500kw air heater with several new features in the boat heater market. It works with diesel and HVO diesel and has green boost laminar burners, which burn diesel in an effective and clean way.

Spartan Air is equipped with 3*75mm air hosing. With big air volume hosing and low resistance, it will boost air division and save energy. It will also muffle down sounds and level of air movement, giving you a more pleasant feeling in the boat.

Spartan Air offers the latest remote control features in the marine heater market, which makes it convenient for everyone to use. The Advanced Control Panel can be accessed remotely with a mobile app, which enables you to turn the heater on even from the comfort of your home. The wireless sensor monitors the indoor temperature with better accuracy and maintains a smooth temperature. 

When you narrow down the best option, an important feature to consider is that Spartan Air is equipped with three inlets. In comparison, Spartan Twin has two, and many other heaters in the market only have one. Multiple inlet hoses result in better efficiency and fresher air indoors. Both Spartan Series models are energy-efficient 4.5 Kw heaters – good options for medium-sized boats up to 12 m/40 ft.


  • Advanced Control Panel enables intelligent temperature control.
  • Wallas Remote App heater control works locally on a boat with no WiFi by using a short-range wireless connection.
  • Heater can be accessed from any location through a boat WiFi router with the Wallas App.
  • Wireless sensor monitors cabin temperature with improved accuracy.
  • Remote accessibility enables system updates and diagnostics.
  • Heater can be set up to operate with Yamarin Q-infotainment, Buster Q, and Askeladden C-command screens.
  • Variable output eliminates system cycling and reduces noise.
  • Brushless blower motors have a very long life cycle and require less frequent servicing.
  • Feeding fuel directly from the main tank of the vessel saves space and eliminates the need for a separate tank.
  • Durable Finnish design and manufacturing keep your heater intact for years.
  • Low temperature on the unit and exhaust pipe improves safety.
  • The Greenboost burner burns renewable fossil-free diesel cleanly and energy-efficiently in addition to fossil-based diesel fuels.
  • Three inlets improve fresh airflow and efficiency.
  • Combustion air is taken from outside the boat through the outer coaxial pipe.
  • Exhaust gas is safely expelled outside through the inner coaxial pipe, keeping the indoor air clean and odourless.
  • Fully enclosed laminar burning process creates heat with no exposed flame and ensures a stable, wind-resistant burn.
  • Energy-efficient Wallas Greenboost technology saves fuel and electricity.


  • COMFORTABLE -Open and closable air vents can be installed indoors or on the deck for maximum comfort. 
  • ACCURATE- Wireless sensor sends more accurate temperature data to the control panel to maintain a smooth ambient temperature. 
  • FRESH- A fully enclosed laminar burning process does not leak odors into the cabin and dries the indoor air. 
  • DURABLE- Brushless blower motors have a very long life cycle, supporting reliably long service intervals.



  • Fuel: Diesel, HVO renewable diesel
  • Power: 1400-4500 W (4,700-15,300 BTU)
  • Operating Voltage: 12 V
  • Fuel Consumption: 0,16-0,46 l/h (5.4-15.5 oz/h)
  • Electricity Consumption: 0,7-4,5 A
  • Air Volume at min Heat: 102 m3/h (60 cfm)
  • Air Volume at max Heat: 227 m3/h (133 cfm)
  • Length: 424 mm (16 11/16″)
  • Width: 165 mm (6 1/2″)
  • Height: 278 mm (10 15/16″)
  • Weight: 15 kg (33 lbs)
  • Mounting: Floor or wall



  • Boats: 9-12 m (29-40 ft)
  • Large Motorhomes (retrofitted): Ask your dealer
  • Trailers: up to 8 m (26 ft)



  • Heater
  • Advanced Control Panel, wire 5 m (16.4 ft)
  • Wired and wireless thermo sensors
  • Fuel line 4 m (13 ft)
  • Power cable 4 m (13 ft) with connector and integrated fuse 15 A
  • Mounting plate, feet brackets
  • Accessory bag including essential clamps and screws



Product Code 50SPARTANAIR


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