Lenco Auto Glide - Boat Control System

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Lenco Auto Glide - Boat Control System


What is The Auto Glide Boat Control System?

A Real Automatic Boat Control / Trim Tab Control System that works – completely & automatically!

The Auto Glide system controls your trim tabs from when you leave your dock until you come home again!

The Auto Glide uses GPS data (and engine data if available) to drive your boat to the most efficient running angle by adjusting your Lenco trim tabs as needed. This optimum running angle is determined during the set up process upon installing your Auto Glide system.

Imagine that your boat’s running angle is measured 25 times per second, and this data is used by the new Auto Glide control box to:

* Automatically puts your boat in the most efficient running angle.
* Reduce your boat's bow rise during hole shot mode.
* Eliminate bow porpoising (bow bounce).
* Keep your boat level at all times.

These actions will result in a smoother ride and the best possible fuel efficiency.

Note: The Auto Glide does not control the “trim” function of your engine(s) / motor(s). Please remember to use the trim feature exactly as you would in the regular operation of your boat.

The Auto Glide Control Box (brain) consists of gyroscopes, accelerometers, and new, sophisticated, and patented software.

The Auto Glide has three automatic operational modes, four automatic settings, and two manual operational modes. Although you will most keep your Auto Glide in automatic mode, you may immediately convert to manual mode simply by pressing one of the four up/down buttons on the keypad. Our Owner’s Manual B / Operational Instructions fully explain these functions.



What are the components of the Auto Glide System? 

The main components are the Auto Glide Key Pad, the Auto Glide Control Box (Single Actuator and Double Actuator per Trim Tab Versions), the Control Box Main Harness (same two versions), and various cables. These cables connect the Auto Glide system to your engine(s) and your GPS unit or network. We also offer a stand-alone GPS antenna/receiver for optimum performance. We also offer Second Station Kits and a vast array of other accessories and parts which may be required for your installation.



What is required for the Auto Glide to work on my boat?

* Boat must have Lenco Single or Dual Trim Tab System with Lenco Electric Actuators
* Boat must have NMEA 2000 GPS network or NMEA 2000 antenna receiver (NMEA 0183 will work but is not recommended due to slower signal response. Lenco offers an NMEA 2000 GPS antenna receiver (our P/n: 5600-GPS)

These CANBUS-based engines can connect to AutoGlide (additional cable may be required):

NMEA2000 Engines

Yamaha (Command Link Plus requires NMEA 2000 / Yamaha Gateway P/N:6Y98A2D00000)
Volvo Penta (Non-EVC Engines) (With a Volvo NMEA2000 Gateway - Volvo P/N 3889757)

J1939 Engines

Volvo Penta (EVC Engines)
Detroit Diesel
John Deere

SmartCraft Engines

Mercury - Verado
Mercury - Optimax with SmartCraft ECU
Mercruiser with SmartCraft ECU
Cummins/Mercruiser w/ SmartCraft ECU


Can I install the Auto Glide in my boat?

The Auto Glide has to be connected to your engine’s CanBus system and to your boat’s GPS system (direct to unit, network, or antenna / receiver). Different systems and applications present unique challenges. You may want to consider soliciting the help of an installer that possesses experience in installing the new engine CanBus systems and connecting products to GPS networks, etc.

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