Lenco 9" X 12" Trim Tab Kit - Short Ram - LED

Lenco 9" X 12" Trim Tab Kit - Short Ram - LED

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Lenco 9"X12" Trim Tab Kit - Short Ram - LED

Trim tabs make the single most difference in the way your boat will ride and perform. Lenco trim tabs can make your ride smoother, drier and faster with increased safety and economy.

Lenco’s electric ballscrew designed rams are very reliable, powerful and feature instant response. Their oil free design makes them user friendly and environmentally safe compared to typical hydraulic powered trim tabs.

The Lenco tactile switch with LED indicators and retractor is the first switch to integrate a completely waterproof switch with a trim tab indicator. The retract feature moves the tabs to a fully retractable position when power is turned off.


Lenco 9"X12" Trim Tab Kit - Short Ram with LED indicator switchs

Complete Kit of 9"(length) X 12"(width) Lenco Trim Tabs
1 pair of trim tabs (includes planes and "short" actuators)
LED position indicator switch and control box included
*Auto Retract is standard

This kit has a slightly shorter ram setup which helps when you have limited space on your transom.
The 9x12 plate size is used with most boats in the 5 to 8 metre range.

Ideal for all boats with portofino transom for example buccaneer boats , and some Bluefin boats.

Refer to the Specs tab (above) on the images for a recommended tab/boat sizing chart.


In the tab size:
First number represents tab length
Second number represents tab width at hinge

Each kit includes:
12-volt actuators (2) with 6 foot leads and Deutsch connectors
Stainless steel trim tab blades (2)
20' actuator extension harnesses (2) with Deutsch connectors
Upper mounting bracket with gland seal
Lower mounting bracket
All stainless steel mounting hardware
Some models available in standard mount or edge mount (space saver)

* Switching is as supplied per product listing

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