Aquavalve 90 Elbow Hosetail 25mm - Black

Aquavalve 90 Elbow Hosetail 25mm - Black

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Aquavalve 90° Elbow Hosetail 25mm - Black


  • Designed to complement our Aquavalve range, these elbows allow for the most efficient routing of hose connections to and from Aquavalves.
  • The Aquavalve Elbows are available in models with an either exit angle of 120 degrees or 90 degrees.
  • Manufactured from a glass reinforced nylon composite material (as are a significant proportion of our products) these elbows display high strength and high durability.
  • All of our bends and elbows are supplied with a blue washer which allows for the orientation of the bend direction to be at any angle desired.


Aquavalve 90° Bend 25mm 1-1/2" BSP Black

NZ Code: 90299

OBT 8:15 pm PST 6/22/2018

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