Speedometer Pitot Pickup & Tubing

Speedometer Pitot Pickup & Tubing

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Speedometer Pitot Pickup & Tubing


maXtek speedo pitot and 6m tube length. The pitot tube connects to the pitot unit, which is connected to the transom and falls into the water.

The probe and the tube sense the variation in water pressure and convert this to a reading on the speedometer. Greater speeds cause higher pressure and this pressure causes the needle in the speedo to move.

Pickup for Pitot tube type speedometer.

This Pitot is designed to mount on the transom. Replacement part for speedos.
This component is often damaged or blocked.

  • Automatic kick up feature to prevent damage
  • Can be used with any pressure driven speedo up to 120Km/Hr

Only suitable for use with Pitot type marine speedometers.

NZ Code: 9111 

OBT 11:30pm PST 4/27/2018

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