18mm Braid Rope POA

18mm Braid Rope POA

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Braided Rope Available in 18mm Diameter



  • 18mm Polypropylene (12 Strand PP Plaited)

  • 18mm Nylon (24 Strand)


The 18mm Nylon - 24 Strand Rope is a heavy weighted rope ensuring it sinks straight down from the buoy.  This ensures that the rope is not floating up near the surface and creating issues for fishing boats.

The 18mm Polypropylene (12 Strand PP Plaited) rope is a light rope.  This drifts just above the sea bed to ensure that it is not dragging and damaging the seabed.


***The essential feature of the inverse catenary curve mooring is the use of sinking rope in the upper part of the mooring, combined with floating rope in the lower part, to form a reserve of rope that is held at a specified depth below the surface.
***This provides scope, or slack, in the mooring to cope with the stresses of currents and wave action.
***The floating rope in the lower mooring also serves to buoy up the bottom chain and hardware, thus ensuring that the rope does not contact the sea floor and so come in danger of abrasion.


Click Here to Download A PDF Diagram of a common FAD designed used in the Pacific Islands


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