C600 Watt Rope Anchor Capstan 12v

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C600 Rope Anchor Capstan


New - 600-watt motor

Powerful 600-watt motor specifically designed for high-speed anchor and pot hauling recovery. Installed by leading NZ boat builders and proven in NZ conditions for reliability plus.

  • For boats to 7 metre / 21 feet
  •  New Zealand made
  •  Proven performance and durability
  •  All the power you need to make anchoring easy
  •  Fast recovery of your anchor
  •  Low drain on your battery
  •  Auto-brake holds safely
  •  Quality European motor
  •  Fits any deck thickness
  •  Install or remove in minutes


  • Motor-600watt 12v 
  • Drum-High tensile bronze, chrome-plated
  • Deckplate- Marine-grade hard anodised and sealed aluminium
  • Gearbox Two-stage balanced epicyclic
  • Deck studs-Supplied with nuts in stainless steel
  • Weight-6kg (13lbs]
  • Clearance- Standard deck thickness to 30mm, longer or shorter studs can easily be fitted
  • Rotation- Clockwise or right hand as viewed from above - Reverse rotation to special order
  • Brake-Auto action roller clutch - will not run back
  • Cable Size-Boats to 7 metre [20ft]use 16 mm2 - 6awg
  • Accessories-50 amp circuit breaker. Footswitch supplied as standard. Covered switch with flip top cover available as an option. 
  • Winch sizing-There are no absolute rules about winch size to boat size.
  • his product is designed for use on a typical private pleasure craft.
  • Winch/boat sizes shown are based on installations that have proved satisfactory for many years.



The best capstan available - Why?
Utilises planetary gears to spread the load evenly. Other brands use one ring gear with a small gear drive. They flog out after a few years.


C600 Performance
"Steady" pull indicates long run load typical of deep water anchor recovery, pot recovery (for example) . The "Snatch" pull is a maximum momentary pull the winch is capable of.


Pull (KG) Rating Speed (M/min) Current (Amps) Volts DC
36 Steady 24 34 12
110 Short Runs 18 78 12
180 Snatch 15 - 12


Rope Capstan Maintenance and Warranty

Using your Winches
Standing or kneeling behind the winch, simply wind up to three turns (maximum) of line or sheet around the drum in a clockwise direction. Maintain a light “tailing” pull onto the free end and start the capstan. As the capstan rotates, lightly pull the line hand over hand keeping up with the speed of the winch. The capstan does all the hard work for you. Stop and hold at any time. We recommend your engine is running during docking operations for additional control. Never stall the capstan and do not run it at a very low speed for an extended time. Use one continuous and smooth recovery and do not repeatedly start/stop.

Where to install your Capstan.
In a position so that the working line passes smoothly from the block or guide, around the drum and to a position where you can tail the line comfortably. Footswitches can be positioned on deck or as a knee switch. Make sure the winch motor is in a dry position and is easily accessible for inspection and external maintenance.

How to install your Capstan
Using the template provided, cut the central hole and drill the small holes for the deck studs. Note the position of the stud holes relative to the load to give maximum strength. In fibreglass or wood mounts, seal the edges of the cut. If in doubt about strength, use a spreader plate under the deck or cabin top. Longer or shorter deck studs can be easily made up if required. Slip the winch into the prepared position with a coating of soft set silicone sealant at the mating face. Wire up making sure polarity is correct. The winch will normally only run clockwise. A quick push of the switch will check this. Each winch is load tested before leaving the factory, so if it does not go, there may be a problem with the installation. Ensure all terminals (motor, switch, breaker, battery etc) are firmly tightened. Finally, protect the motor and terminal ends as described under “Maintenance”

Our winches are covered by a five-year return to factory warranty against defective materials or workmanship, except motors and seals which are covered by a one year warranty. The warranty does not cover damage due to improper use or poor maintenance. If a fault develops during the warranty period DO NOT remove any parts or attempt a repair. Remove the winch/motor assembly in one piece from the boat and return it to your supplier or the manufacturer with evidence of purchase, a description of the installation and the problem experienced.

Every 6 months, remove the centre screw from the top of the drum and lift the drum off. Lightly grease the synthetic bearings under the drum.

Smear a little grease on the O ring seal in the top outer cap, assemble and tighten firmly. Do not over-tighten

The motor is made of steel and may corrode if the paint system is damaged. Check the motor regularly and keep it dry and clean. In “dry” installations, spray the motor regularly with a water repellant (CRC or WD40). In damp or “wet” installations, including situations where a lot of condensation takes place, treat the motor and terminals regularly with CRC “soft seal” or similar. Check all terminals in the system and protect as described above.

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