Cressi Depth Gauge Module

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Cressi Depth Gauge Module


The depth module has a luminescent face where the first 12 metres, which correspond to the area of decompression stops, are spaced out and perfectly legible. The end scale is at 70 metres (or 230 feet in the imperial version) and the face is divided into three different coloured zones:  green up to 20 metres, light blue from 20 to 40 metres, red from 40 metres to the end of the scale. The instrument has a maximum depth indicator that blocks on the maximum depth reached during the dive.

About Cressi

An entirely family-owned and operated Italian brand, Cressi was the first company to produce items such as the diving mask with a dedicated nose pocket as well as the adjustable open-heel fins. Cressi is proud to still manufacture the vast majority of its products at headquarters in Genova, Italy. This results in a very high level of quality control, since Mr. Cressi himself still oversees the production process personally on a daily basis. Cressi now operates four subdivisions - Diving, Spear Fishing, Snorkeling and Swimming.


J - 16.03.22

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