SK75 Dynamica 4mm to 36mm X The Metre

SK75 Dynamica 4mm to 36mm X The Metre

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12 Strand Dynamica / Dyneema SK75 Ropes 4mm to 36mm

Genuine Dyneema is the strongest fibre in the world with excellent properties.

Sizes Range from 4mm to 36mm Diameter.  

Dynamica ropes are manufactured from Dyneema fibres produced by DSM in Holland


  • 4 x 4 Outdoors Winches.
  • Offshore Applications
  • Fisheries
  • Bridles, Gilson’s, Cod lines,
  • Headlines, Selvage Ropes,
  • Front End Meshes, Warps
  • Lifting Applications
  • Mooring Ropes
  • Towing

DYNAMICA ropes are produced from Dyneema fibres type SK75. Tension-tension fatigue Dyneema fibres can sustain a very large number of peak loads (loads close to the breaking strength).

This gives a long life and a high safe working load. While steel-wire can take 6500 loads at 50 % of the maximum breaking load DYNAMICA ropes can take 10 million cycles at the same load level. DYNAMICA ropes are therefore an excellent material for dynamic applications.

Safety Dyneema fibres have a very low elongation (2-3% at break). It stores little energy and therefore has little backlash - even at hundreds of tonnes of load.

Using Dyneema fibres the amount of stored energy is much lower vis á vis nylon or steel wire ropes. This is a very important safety feature. UV-stability Dyneema fibres have a better stability to sunlight than other relevant fibres.

After two years of exposure, 80% of the strength is retained. Resistance to chemical substances Dyneema fibres is resistant to chemical substances and will not be affected by oil, acids or other substances.

Abrasion Dyneema fibres have an excellent abrasion resistance compared with other synthetic fibres (five times better than polyester).

Special care has to be taken, however, in order to ensure that it moves over clean non-rust surfaces etc. Sharp edges etc. should be avoided. Bending-bending fatigue Dyneema fibres have good bending properties.

However, it is recommended to bend over diameters of at least five times the diameter of the rope


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