ePRO Combi Inverter Charger 3500W/24V

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ePRO Combi Inverter Charger 3500W/24V 70A w/ Remote


The main task of the ePRO Combi Inverter Charger is to act as an uninterruptible AC power supply (UPS).

In case of a grid/generator failure or disconnection, the ePRO Combi immediately stops charging the battery, releases the AC transfer switch and activates the inverter, which takes over the supply to the connected loads.

All this is achieved so fast that even very critical loads like computers will continue to operate without any problems.

In case the grid/generator is reconnected again, and the voltage and frequency are within acceptable limits, the ePRO Combi activates the AC transfer switch and battery charger again while deactivating the inverter.

The connected loads are now supplied again by the grid/generator without any interruption.

Available in 12v, 24v or 48v models and ranging in sizes from 1600-3500w inverter output and 35-120A charger output, the ePRO Combi has a unit to suit nearly any application.

ePRO Combi 1600 to 3500 User Manual

ePRO Combi 2000 – 3500 Installation Guide

Universal Remote Control Owner’s Manual

Product Code EPC-3500-24


J - 18.08.22

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