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Hapuka Bomb Sinker Moulds

Hapuka Bomb Sinker Moulds

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From NZ$69.99
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Hapuka  Bomb Sinker Moulds Available in Three Different Sizes


This sinker is designed to aerodynamically descend to the bottom in the shape to avoid snagging. Flat sides prevent the sinker rolling on the bottom of the boat.

Available in the below three different Sizes Moulds

  • Hapuka Bomb 2x4oz, 2x8oz, 12oz
  • Hapuka Bomb 25oz
  • Hapuka  Bomb 32oz



Use protective gloves and eyewear when using this product.  Molten lead can cause severe burns.  To avoid lead poisoning only use in well-ventilated areas.

Read the instructions enclosed with the moulds before using.

Selection: Hapuka Bomb Sinker Moulds

Product no. Size Status Price
400-HapukaBomb-Multi 2x4oz, 2x8oz, 1x12oz
401-HapukaBomb-25oz 25oz
402-HapukaBomb-32oz 32oz


Product Note Status Price
Large Ladle Sinker Mould Large Ladle Sinker Mould
Small Ladle Sinker Mould Small Ladle Sinker Mould
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