IGFA Momoi 6kg, 4lb spool. Fluoro Yellow

IGFA Momoi 6kg, 4lb spool. Fluoro Yellow

Product no.: IGFAMomoi-6kgx4lbFl (Line Class: 6kg, Line Colour: Fluro Yellow)

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IGFA Momoi Premium Fishing Line, 6kg Fluoro Yellow 4lb Spool

Load  6kg - 12lb

Length 16000m

Diameter 0.35mm

Momoi’s HiCatch IGFA Monofilament Nylon Line is produced to exact tolerances and is designed to break just under

IGFA specifications for each line class .

An extra margin of breaking strength over other IGFA lines is provided
to tournament fishermen and world record seekers without the worry of exceeding IGFA requirements.
  • Soft and flexible
  • High tensile strength
  • Made to exacting standards
  • Incredible tough
  • Suitable for large game fishing
  • Made in Japan

Also available in 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 15kg, 24kg, or 37kg , in Ice Blue or Fluoro Yellow.


Additional product information

Line Class 6kg
Line Colour Fluro Yellow

Selection: IGFA Momoi 6kg 8kg 10kg 15kg 24kg 37kg Bulk

Product no. Line Class Line Colour Status Price
IGFAMomoi-6kgx4lbFl 6kg Fluro Yellow
IGFAMomoi-6kgx4lbIB 6kg Blue
IGFAMomoi-8kgx4lbIB 8kg Blue
IGFAMomoi-8kgx4lbFY 8kg Fluro Yellow
IGFAMomoi-10kgx4lbIB 10kg Blue
IGFAMomoi-10kgx4lbFY 10kg Fluro Yellow
IGFAMomoi-15kgx4lbIB 15kg Blue
IGFAMomoi-15kgx4lbFY 15kg Fluro Yellow
IGFAMomoi-24kgx5lbIB 24kg Blue
IGFAMomoi-24kgx5lbFY 24kg Fluro Yellow
IGFAMomoi-37kgx5lbIB 37kg Blue
IGFAMomoi-37kgx5lbFY 37kg Fluro Yellow

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