Outboard Motor Jacking Plate 6- 90 Days to Ship

Outboard Motor Jacking Plate 6- 90 Days to Ship

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Outboard Motor Jacking Plate 6 - Takes 90 Days to Ship from USA


Outboard Motor Jacking Plate. 

Z-Lock Jack Plate 'The Original'

Easy to Adjust From Top of Jack Available in 6" setbacks 5" of Vertical Adjustment

Manual Jacking plates are  Designed to fit all V4, V6 non-V8 outboard Engines and will accommodate motors equipped with dual steering and up to 90 degrees tilt angle.

Pre-drilled to accept bolt patterns of most outboards. 1976-1979 Mercury will require special install steps

Short side mounts to the transom, engine mounts to the long side of jacking plate

Z-Lock Jack Plate Revolutionary Design Adds Strength and Stability The excellence of HI-JACKER™ jack plate series continues with the Z-Lock Manual Jack Plate design upgrade. Z-Lock™ Jack Plate Design Eliminates Side Slippage Matching slotted extrusions LOCK side plates in place Strong Aircraft Grade Aluminum Full ½” Material For Strength Handles All V6 Outboards to 300hp

Warranty 1 year- First retail purchaser

Installation Instructions 



After the engine is in place, tighten all hardware securely 
To adjust the height of the jacking plate 
loosen the three lock nuts on the inside of the plate (6 total) 

The (3) bolts (total 6) on the outside of the plate have to be loosened also
Turn the adjustment bolt in the top centre of the jack plate clockwise to raise the jack plate to the desired height. 
We recommend the use of a box end wrench open end wrench or a socket. 


DO NOT use Air Tools! 

  • After adjustment tightens all side locking bolts securely. (We recommend 80 ft/lbs) 

DO NOT loosen or adjust the four locked bolts on the centre adjustment screw. 

  • These move together and only serve to adjust the height and do not require adjustment. 


  • Ensure all side bolts are tightened to a minimum of 80 ft/lbs of torque. 
  • This should be done after 3 hours of initial use and after every 10 hours of engine use after that. 
  • This check should also be done after every 300 miles of trailering. 
  • A visual and manual inspection of all side bolts should be done before each engine use to assure that all side bolts are in place and are not loose.
  • Do not use engine if any bolts are loose or missing. 



  • It is the Owner’s responsibility to maintain the tightness of all bolts and nuts to a minimum of 80 ft/lbs of torque.


T‐H Marine warrants to the first retail purchaser of this product for a period of one (1) year, from the date of original purchase, that this product will be free from defects in material and workmanship. This applies only to the original purchaser and must be returned to the manufacturer prepaid and with the original invoice. 

This warranty shall not apply to any product that has been repaired, altered, abused or installed in an improper manner.InnoeventshallT‐HMarinebeliablefor any incidental or consequential damages. 

This warranty applies only to the replacement or repair of this product and not to any replacement labour charges. 


Warranty is void if used for:

  • Commercial boats
  • Competition boats
  • Improper installation
  • Engine horsepower exceeding USCG maximum rating for the boat.

NZ Code JP6Z 

OBT 4:49pm PAST 4/26/2018

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