Cast Iron Ladle

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Cast Iron Ladle


Cast Iron Ladle is designed for casting jigs and sinkers in various industries, such as fishing or metallurgy.
This spoon is made of cast iron, a robust and highly heat-retaining material perfect for melting and pouring metals.

  • Material: Cast iron, known for its durability and excellent heat retention
  • Application: Primarily used for casting jigs, sinkers, and possibly other small metal items
  • Handle: Wooden, which provides insulation against the heat from the spoon's bowl and makes it comfortable to hold
  • Design feature: A pouring spout for precision when casting
  • Size: The spoon's bowl is 6 cm deep and 11 cm wide at the top, a convenient size for handling various casting tasks

Please note that using a spoon for casting metals should be done with appropriate safety measures.
The high temperatures involved in melting metals can be dangerous if not properly managed.
Using heat-resistant gloves and eye protection is recommended, and working in a well-ventilated area away from flammable materials is recommended.

Remember to use a suitable heat source for melting your metal, such as a foundry or a furnace designed for metalwork. The cast iron material of the spoon will endure high heat, but your heat source should be controlled and safe to use.

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