Kilwell NZ Outriggers 7.25m Longreach (pr)

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Kilwell NZ Outriggers 7.25m Longreach ST12K (pr)



** Kilwell NZ Outriggers Longreach 12K Carbon wrapped with spear tips. 7.25m (pr) **

These outrigger BLANKS are based on our existing Longreach outrigger blank but constructed using 12K Carbon fibre, so have thinner walls and make them lighter.

The LR47C blank has a parallel glass-wrapped butt, designed to fit inside 47mm I.D. S/S outrigger bases.

Longreach 12K Carbon outriggers are approximately 40% lighter, and also much stiffer than standard Longreach fibreglass outriggers.

Available length is 7.25m or 9.5m made in 2pcs. The extension uses a flush-fit spigot joint, which can be left as a friction fit but can be glued in place if necessary.

This model is fitted with 316SS Eye Bolt line guides and "Spear Tips" at the top of the rigger to prevent the lines from wrapping over the tip and becoming tangled.

Sold as a pair of drop-in poles.

Like all Kilwell Branded products, these have a Kilwell Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Proudly made in New Zealand. Cord rigging, AFTCO release clips and bungy cords are sold separately.

Code Description:

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