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Berley Mincer 32 Cast

Berley Mincer 32 Cast

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Berley Mincer #32 - 16mm Mince plate holes


  • Wooden Handle with Steel Arm

  • Plate & blade

  • Benchtop mounting holes 


Cast steel & coated with Zinc anti-rust protection... 


Size Dimesions 

  • 15cm wide 

  • 40cm long 

  • 20cm high 


Feed chute 
  • 16cm x 14cm at top 
  • 9cm x 7cm at worm end of feed hole 



Easy to use.  Suitable for use in the fishing industry, home, canteens and where any kind of minced meat, fruit and processing is required.

Dismantles to ensure thorough and easy cleaning.  Thus meeting food hygiene requirements.


Using Procedures:

  • Use Hot Water to clean mincer parts.
  • Wipe dry and assemble together as per diagram instructions on the packaging.
  • Affix firmly to a stable flat board/surface
  • Adjust screw ring, place cutter and grinder parallel in a grinding position and ensure that the handle can be eoprated easily.
  • Clean meat, remove skin and bones and cut into strips.  
  • Put meat strips into the feeder and turn handle for mincing.


  • Wash the mincer after every use.
  • Wipe dry and coat it with edible oil to prevent rusting.


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