Pilla Motospex GP 2 Lens Leather N/A

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Pilla Motospex GP 2 Lens Leather N/A


  • A simple unique design in Motoring Spex. 
  • The MotoSpex frames are designed to produce perfect aerodynamics. 
  • MotoSpex has also been tested under power loads at speeds in excess of 150 MPH. 
  • Giro- the principal Italian Translation is “to tour” or “to drive”… The construction of the MotoSpex 
  • The leather line is crafted of 100% full grain English Leather tanned and tumbled to provide a soft and comfortable wear. The frame is a single piece of sculpted leather with brass snaps to hold the
  • Ballistx shield firmly in place. The Leather collection comes as a kit with both a full sun and night lens. 
  • The 15% LTM Ballistx lens for the full sun has a dielectric flashing and hydrophobic coating on the exterior and an anti-fog coating on the interior of the lens. The 70% lens is designed for the evening  and low light conditions. MotoSpex temple straps are hinged resulting in a perfect fit for any head size. 
  • The straps attach together to the head using Gator Tooth Velcro. When not wearing the Spex on the Road, the straps easily translate to a stylish lanyard effect. All Pilla lenses come with a 
  • Lifetime Warranty against cracking or breakage. 


AS 13-03-21


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