Maxwell Windlass RC8-8 - 12V/1000W

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Maxwell Windlass RC8-8 - 12V/1000W


What's included in the box

  1. Windlass/motor/gearbox
  2. Reversing Heavy Duty Solenoid
  3. Up/Down Panel Control Switch
  4. 135 Amp Circuit Breaker/Isolator

Maxwell's all-new RC series windlasses proudly follow in the highly successful footsteps of the Freedom, Liberty and HRC fully automatic rope/chain anchor winches.

The all-new stainless steel RC8-8 fully automatic rope/chain windlass is designed to effortlessly retrieve and deploy 8mm chain spliced to 14mm 8-brait (plait) rope.

Maxwell’s revolutionary new chain wheel.

Maxwell once again leads the market in innovative thinking with the introduction of their latest Wave Design chain wheel. This patented rope/chain wheel incorporates two unique design concepts that greatly improve the handling and control of the rope/chain spliced rode. The outer ribs of the chain wheel are angled slightly forward ensuring that the rope and the chain are smoothly guided in the wheel during anchor retrieval.
As the rope pulls into the wheel, the opposite facing inner ribs grip the rope in an undulating manner, securing the rope more firmly in a 'wave pattern' action that is far superior to the traditional 'jam cleat' manner of holding the rope compared to all other products on the market. Not only does this Wave Design hold the rope more securely, but it is also kinder on the rope resulting in increased longevity of your anchor rode.

Wave Design Chainwheel

Is fitted to all RC Series windlasses, designed for anchor rodes with any marine grade chain, G4, BBB, Proof Coil and Metric.

  • The all-new stainless steel RC8-8 fully automatic rope/chain windlass is designed to effortlessly retrieve and deploy 6mm/7mm [1/4inch] chain spliced to 12mm [1/2inch] three strand or 8-brait [plait] rope.
  • The larger stainless steel RC8-8 can be used with 8mm [5/16inch] chain spliced to 14mm [9/16inch] three strand or 8-plait rope.
  • The ingeniously designed rope/chain gypsy [chain wheel] is able to accommodate a wide range of chain pitch differences within the specified chain size diameters suitable for use with the RC8-8 Series.
  • A sleek, Low Profile version and a MAX-grip capstan drum version, with a drum made in chromed bronze, are available.
  • A simple two-piece installation saves time and money and allows easy retrofitting without disassembly of the windlass.
  • The unique spacer tube design allows installation through virtually any deck thickness and the multiple mounting positions and self-aligning gearbox ensure optimal location of gearbox and motor in virtually all installation situations.
  • The RC8-8 features Maxwell’s revolutionary and patented new Wave Design chain wheel.
  • The heavy-duty stainless steel pressure arm is designed to effectively help grasp the rope/chain splice, giving the RC8-8 an unparalleled level of performance. In combination with a heavy-duty, large wire diameter, stainless steel pre-loaded spring, the pressure arm always exerts maximum control pressure.
  • The RC8-8 works just as effectively with all-chain rodes.
  • Huge, through deck hawse pipe throat ensures easy entry of the rope/chain rode into and out of the anchor locker.
  • Full disassembly capability of the top works utilising only the handle provided and an Allen key.
  • Manual override and Free Fall, using the emergency crank/clutch handle provided.
  • A sealed oil bath and marine-grade hard anodised, alloy gearbox provides maximum output via a precision worm and worm wheel.
  • Model RC8-8
  • Maximum Pull/Lift- 600kg
  • Static Hold- 1200kg
  • Chain: Short Link 8mm 5/16inch
  • Rope Size- (Nylon)* 14-16mm (3 strand or 8 plait recommended) 9/16-5/8inch
  • Chain Speed (Anchor Retrieval) 32m/min, 105ft/min
  • Rope Speed (Anchor Retrieval) 28m/min 92ft/min
  • Power Supply (DC) 12V
  • Motor Power 1000W
  • Net Weight 16.5kg


J - 23.09.22

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