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10lb x 30m MoMoi Pink F/Carbon

10lb x 30m MoMoi Pink F/Carbon

(Colour: Pink-Lumo, Size: 10lb / 4.5kilo)

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10lb x 30m Momoi Pink Fluoro Carbon NEO - Colour Pink;  30m Spools.

This new product is the further enhanced version of the Hi-Catch Fluorocarbon in terms of abrasion resistance. In addition to the generic clear color, it also comes in pink that blends even better into the water. With a wide range of sizes available from extra thin to thick, this is a utility fluorocarbon leader for versatile use.



  • New MIJ Fluorocarbon
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • Hard Type
  • Fast Sinking
  • Zero Water Absorption
  • Invisible Pink in Water
  • Light Refractive Index near to that of Water
  • UV Block

This Neo line is ideal for trolling, boat fishing, inshore fishing, jigging, casting, and lure fishing.

Additional product information

Size 10lb / 4.5kilo

Product variations
Pink-Lumo 10lb / 4.5kilo
Colour: Pink-Lumo
Size: 10lb / 4.5kilo
Pink-Lumo 12lb / 5.5kilo
Colour: Pink-Lumo
Size: 12lb / 5.5kilo
Pink-Lumo 15lb / 7kilo
Colour: Pink-Lumo
Size: 15lb / 7kilo
Pink-Lumo 20lb / 9kilo
Colour: Pink-Lumo
Size: 20lb / 9kilo
Pink-Lumo 25lb / 11kilo
Colour: Pink-Lumo
Size: 25lb / 11kilo
Pink-Lumo 30lb / 13.5kilo
Colour: Pink-Lumo
Size: 30lb / 13.5kilo
Pink-Lumo 40lb / 18kilo
Colour: Pink-Lumo
Size: 40lb / 18kilo
Pink-Lumo 50lb / 22.5kilo
Colour: Pink-Lumo
Size: 50lb / 22.5kilo
Pink-Lumo 60lb / 27kilo
Colour: Pink-Lumo
Size: 60lb / 27kilo
Pink-Lumo 80lb / 36kilo
Colour: Pink-Lumo
Size: 80lb / 36kilo
Pink-Lumo 100lb / 45kilo
Colour: Pink-Lumo
Size: 100lb / 45kilo
Pink-Lumo 130lb / 59kilo
Colour: Pink-Lumo
Size: 130lb / 59kilo


Product Note Status Price
TroKar Wide Load Offset Hook 8/0 3pk TroKar Wide Load Offset Hook 8/0 3pk
(Size2: 9/0)
NZ$19.95 / pack(s)
Hi Magnum Circle Hooks Offset 8/0 3pk Hi Magnum Circle Hooks Offset 8/0 3pk
(Size2: 8/0, Design: Offset)
NZ$29.99 / pack(s)
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