IGFA Momoi Line 1000m Spool LB 60kg


IGFA Momoi Line 1000m Spool LB 60kg

Product no.: IGFA60kg1000mLB (Line Class: 60kg, Line Colour: Blue)

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IGFA Premium Fishing Line 1000m Spool - 60KG X 1000m Light Blue

Load 60kg 130lb

Length 1000m

Diameter: 1.17

Momoi’s HiCatch IGFA . Monofilament Nylon Line is produced to exact tolerances and is designed to break just under

I .G .F .A . specifications for each line class . An extra margin of breaking strength over other I .G .F .A . lines is provided

to tournament fishermen and world record seekers without the worry of exceeding I .G .F .A . requirements

  • Soft and flexible
  • High tensile strength
  • Made to exacting standards
  • Incredible tough
  • Suitable for large game fishing
  • Made in Japan
Available in 6kg, 8kg, 10kg  15kg, 24kg, 37kg and 60kg in light Blue and Fluoro Yellow
See table for full range available 

Additional product information

Line Class 60kg
Line Colour Blue

Selection: Momoi 6kg 8kg 10kg 15kg 24kg 37kg 60kg x 1000m

Product no. Line Class Line Colour Status Price
IGFA6kg1000mLB 6kg Blue
IGFA8kg1000mLB 8kg Blue
IGFA8kg1000mFY 8kg Fluro Yellow
IGFA10kg1000mLB 10kg Blue
IGFA10kg1000mFY 10kg Fluro Yellow
IGFA15kg1000mLB 15kg Blue
IGFA15kg1000mFY 15kg Fluro Yellow
IGFA24kg1000mLB 24kg Blue
IGFA24kg1000mFY 24kg Fluro Yellow
IGFA37kg1000mLB 37kg Blue
IGFA37kg1000mFY 37kg Fluro Yellow
IGFA60kg1000mLB 60kg Blue
IGFA60kg1000mFY 60kg Fluro Yellow

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