NZ Floating Mono Mullet 30m 40m 60m or 100m

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Mono Mullet Net Commercial Grade Floating Fishing Net

 40M 60M 100M  in 30md or Custom made from $8.50 per meter

Mesh size  90mm  Can be CUSTOM Made in 30md, 36md  & 40md and in 100mm

Standard is 30 mesh deep

Mesh thickness  0.5 millimetres mono

Made with

  • 5 mm braided lead core bottom rope- Lead inside the rope
  • 7 mm floating top rope
  • Large Whisper floats with extra flotation
Action Fishing Nets are of the highest quality and slung/mounted to catch the most fish for a given length.
Hi, These nets are made for places like the Waikato River and are designed to float on the surface.
This allows nets to avoid rocks, hollow trees, weeds and other fish-like stingrays that could damage your net on the bottom.
These nets need water deeper than 3.0m to float. Less than 2.5m is like any other set net, as the braided lead core sinking rope will be on the bottom river bed.
Mullet In New Zealand is usually found in North Island coastal waters, particularly in shallow muddy harbours, mangrove swamps, and river estuaries.
Some swim up rivers into freshwater.
Grey mullets are caught year-round, from November to March and around the north of the North Island, usually in set nets and beach seines.
Grey mullets travel as far as the Karapiro dam up the Waikato River and to Te Kuiti in the Waipa River. However, they must return to the sea to spawn.
Grey mullets are distributed worldwide and fished by customary, commercial and recreational fishers for over 100 years. Overseas and New Zealand tagging studies indicate complex movement patterns in adult populations: some schools remain in one locality, while others appear to be on the move almost continuously. Assessing abundance using commercial catch rates has proved problematic, but daily catch rates in the main net and beach seine fishery have been stable over recent decades.



Selection: NZ Floating Mono Mullet 30m 40m 60m or 100m

Product no. Net-Length Status Price
MU-30 30m
MU-31 40m
MU-32 60m
MU-33 100m


Product Note Status Price
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