Novakool 122 Litre Fridge or Freezer

Novakool 122 Litre Fridge or Freezer

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12v All Fridge - 122 Litre


NOVA KOOL  122 Litre Fridge or Freezer

Box temperature can be set for general refigeration or set down to -10c for freezing

4.3 cu.ft (122 liters) volume

Cut Out Dimensions:

  • 721mm (H) X 514mm (W) x 533mm (D)
  • Optional chine hugger

Nova Kool Refrigerators and Freezers are designed to run even while you are listed 30° off center. Most NovaKool Refrigerators consume less power than a 40 watt light bulb.

Made in Canada

OBT 1:42pm PST 4/20/2018

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